Silver Lake Council: August Meeting

Silver Lake Neighborhood Council board will meet:
Wednesday August 4, 2010 at 7:00 pm

All Silver Lake stakeholders are invited. If you want to speak: pick up speaker card near the entrance. Be BRIEF --they only allow three minutes per person, which I think is stupid, but they are rigid, so talk fast.

They sent the Agenda, as usual, in pdf form. Truth to tell: hate pdf; don't know how to copy/paste pdf and they don't send "print" version.

Best I can do:
1 File (1835KB) SLNC%20GB%20August%204%202010%20Agenda%204%20posting.pdf

If that doesn't work: go to the website and send a board member or your district rep request for the Agenda.

Or just show up at the meeting and sign up. Agenda lists only the titles of topics, not the actual subjects, so it's not possible to list what's on this month. Except for:
-Funding for Wildlife officer
-Junction Theater Project
-Silver Lake Jubilee - discussion/action
among many others

You should show up anyway:
they are making decisions that affect you -neighbors -whole community, and they get $50,000 a year to spend, so give your ideas on How. --How about: they save some for next July 4th --or New Year's Eve and shoot fireworks on the Meadow. Hey, maybe Griffith Park and/or Echo Park(?) NC would team up, for a reelly big shew. lol, That would be so Great.

Plus they're deciding on sound-proofing Bellevue Park. Minutes of last meeting indicates: screwy planning, so have your say --or don't complain later.

Micheltorena School, on Sunset - free parking - lot entrance Micheltorna Street
Be considerate of the neighbors.

Addendum: In case you didn't notice, I added a section on local Fun --in/outdoor movies, sports, live music, more --free -low cost, singles or family. If you know of one to add: post in Comments - SEE: Sidebar =======>


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