Your Next Govt. Rep --by Target Corp. --RALLY Tuesday

The No-longer supreme court Decided: "corporations have the same right as humans --to speak in elections."

Founding fathers, scholars, court's greatest Justices have looked at the issue, said 'no, corporations may NOT participate in elections.'
But Republi-cant party conformists, right-wingers, now on the court: Over-turned 125 years of Settled law. Hey, thanks 'chief' Roberts. How much did they pay you?

Translation: corporations can now pour money into elections --LOTS --all the money they want --directly. Like: $150,000 into an election in Wisconsin --from Target Corporation. The CEO of Target decided: his employees "for" the right-wing candidate in race for governor, using money from customers --shareholder money --corporate money to influence that election. Did you enjoy it? Was it good for you?

If Target -any Corporation picks left -center -Independent candidate: just as stinking rotten. But what if mega-wealthy corporations pick: neo-nazi --Socialist --anarchist --hates women, dwarfs, redheads candidate? WHERE does this end?

It's not bad enough, apparently, that corporations use the money they get from customers -Taxpayers -shareholders: pay Lobbyists to shove money at members of Congress --to influence federal laws, legislation --to benefit them.

Now no-longer supremes say: corporations can 'donate' directly to ANY candidate, any ballot issue --Anywhere, USA. Corporate money --DIRECT influence in elections, Just what we needed --tilt the country even further for the richest 1%. Isn't that the way: 'leadership' in third-world countries, dictatorships hold onto power.

Wal-Mart, auto-makers, manufacturers, drug-makers -thousands of huge corporations 'laid off' American workers, shipped jobs out of the country, park profits off-shore, and keep tax breaks -headquarters -image 'at home,' with help from various members of Congress.

Huge Wall Street firms, giant banks, "rating" agencies: screwed with home mortgages --mortgage-holders, pensions and got 'bailed' out of exposure, devious practices, with Taxpayer money, thanks to certain Congress members. Has anyone been arrested --sent to prison for those crimes?

Thanks to certain members on the court: corporations can pick WHICH candidate to back --directly, to help them even more --and they don't have to reveal their name in campaign ads.

The 'poll' --the 'party' --the 'campaign' worker knocking on your door (--with a gift -a coupon -groceries?): brought to you --by Wal-Mart --Dow Chemical -BP oil --Chase bank???

Americans have lost job --home --pension, now their vote? When is enough Enough?

NOT enough to stop buying from Target
In communities across America Americans are saying: "No Way" to corporations. In my In-box today:

Rally - tomorrow Tuesday August 10, 2010
Downtown - If You want to send Target Corporation and others watching a Message --show up

Los Angeles vs. Big Money:
Stand with the Other 98% against corporate corruption

Where: Temple St and Los Angeles St (in Los Angeles)

When: Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010, at 12:00 PM

What: We have to stop Target and other big corporations from changing
the rules of democracy. The Fight Washington Corruption pledge aims
to stop corporations from buying our elections and holds politicians
accountable to the Other 98% of us. But politicians will only sign on
to the pledge if voters demand it —that's why we're gathering
across the country on Tuesday to ask all politicians to sign the pledge.

Can you make it to our rally?

For more info and to find other events in your area, click

UPDATE I called Target corporate office to give a message to the CEO. It was bad connection, lot of static on the line; at the end happened to ask the operator where was she --at Target headquarters -which city?
Reply: "Manila"
--Target doesn't even have Americans answer the phone, All Target calls go to Manila.

Share your thoughts:

-Contact Target CEO: it's easy to get their toll-free number from their website.

-Contact Congress member: call, e-mail Senate -House --see Sidebar link - 'Local Govt' --->

tell them you want your vote to count --write a new law to ban corporate money in elections --stand with voters, not with corporations -not with "Citizens United."

Or you can do nothing --and watch America as we've known it disappear.

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