Tournament of Roses: Old White Guy Club --Full of Prostitutes?

I want to write about some good things --then stuff shows up, like this--

Every American No matter status --situation --location, in good times and bad, has their New Years' Day traditions. Beautiful weather --or rain, for most Americans the day usually includes --perfect seat on the sofa --sidewalk --stands: to watch Tournament of Roses Parade.

For the 2011 Parade
The old white Pasadena Republican guys--don't even Bother mentioning the token women, 'minorities' now--on the Committee have proved: they're a bunch of prostitutes. Yup, the corporate disease that has infected America has manifested in: Selling Out tradition --for money.

--Hang onto your wigs & keys--
The old boys club
: have SOLD the "rights" to the NAME of the Parade --and to First Float Position to --TaDa: an auto maker. --Oh, way NOT an American auto maker, they sold the name to a foreign maker, of course. Which one? I will way NOT Help them promote --give them free publicity, I will say: Japanese.

Why Pasadena Prostitutes--
Why did they, Tournament Committee old boys, do this? No, Really: why? I looked it up:
fee for entering a Commercial-sponsored float in the Parade --$15,000.
Non-commercial--an org, city, group, et al--entry fee: $5,000 last year.
--That's not the cost of building a float, that's the money goes TO Old White Guys Club.

How else do the old boys make money
Fee: Horse groups --marching bands in the Parade --tickets to sit in the bleachers --per cent of hotel fee to out-of-towners --programs -cups -shirts -caps -logo on doodads, etc., and, for past several years: Charge to view the floats after-Parade, $7 bucks a head. But all that is chump-change compared to the Bucks hauled in for: Broadcasting Rights, world-wide.

Costs? Closing streets --old signs on freeways --where's cost? Setting up bleachers --and security. Since the Parade is direct benefit to Pasadena: city Can't figure out how to stretch cops' time, over 12 months, so No over-time??? HOW Much could it Possibly cost to set up bleachers?

During the Parade: the Old and the newer Old White Guys walk the Parade -trouble-shoot -keep things moving --that's FREE labor. No Doubt: Old Boys pay for their own White suits.

If --after doing this Parade for 120 YEARS --the old guys haven't figured out HOW to do the Parade at net Profit --at minimum for No loss: How the hell do THEY need money --so much money they turn themselves into whores to sell off the Parade to a CORPORATION?

Somebody NEEDS to Explain: WHY the Hell, IF they need money, they CAN'T raise Float Fee? The stupid corporations that have the bucks --shell out $1/4 --1/2 MILLION to Make a float "can't" afford to pay --$5 --10 --15,000 more for entry fee??? Really? $250,000 for a float --float their logo --all over the world, but "can't" shell out, no doubt tax-deductible, another $10 grand to the Committee???

The foreign auto-maker cutting in line --getting shoved to the front: bought the "rights" to do this for next five years. How's that with you?

How MUCH is Enough?

The jerks jerking off our tradition --would sell off one of THEIR holidays? Really? What would that cost? What's the rate --How much did the Old White Guys get for selling out American tradition? Somebody needs to say: they got at Least $1/2 Billion bucks --and WHY they "needed" it. Anything Less: there better be Hell of a Good Reason.

IF it's 'so Okay' with the humps --prostitutes, in Tournament of Roses Committee to do this: WHY was the announcement/Press Release issued on a SUNDAY???

The Humps
Supposedly consider "Sunday sacred" --so "sacred" if New Year's Day falls on a Sunday they won't run the Parade --they promised priests -pastors --Christian clergy they never would, so as not 'interfere' with CHURCH services. --Literally:
'...so the horses tied up in front of church, those pulling the floats
wouldn't disturb the service -those inside the church.'

--NO such promise to JEWISH clergy, re: NOT running the Parade on a Saturday oh well. It was, uh, probably just an 'oversight.' --Odd though: it's STILL in effect for CHRISTIAN --NOT for Jewish Sabbath.... But no bigotry, right? Maybe Old White Guy club: just forgot --or Don't Have any Jewish members? duh

Hey, old white guys: forget your bias. THINK about getting into THIS century --hold the PARADE ON THE FIRST DAY of the year --whenever that is.

So the Pasadena Committee exposed themselves as sell-outs --prostitutes --anything for a buck --corporate whores. How Much: IS enough --to sell out an American tradition --to foreigners?

What will make New Year's Day 2011 daVine anyway?
Simple: get your perfect spot, snuggle in --with the Good snacks --SKIP THE FIRST :15 --till the Usurper of our tradition has passed --moved along. Skip the beginning: and Bonus --you also not have to see the Bizarre sight of war planes --fighter jets???--swooping over the Parade. --Have never, Will never get WHY War planes are appropriate for First Day of new year. I don't wanna see those. Do you? If so: Why?

I had my own ad agency in Beverly Hills for years --marketed all kinds of products for all kinds of clients: Somebody gonna hafta Explain to me HOW slapping a Corporate LOGO on a TRADITION is gonna sell --ANY cars. Doing that: didn't work out too well for ENRON --on the "ENRON" Stadium... I believe the "officers" still have another 22 years to serve.

Will YOU buy ANY car from Japanese auto-maker who plasters up American holiday with corporate logo? --Boycott, don't buy their car, till the five years are up, stick with American auto-maker, they need the business.

Your thoughts?

I wouldn't want the Kharma those prostitutes will Earn --starting fresh New Year --like that, selling out.... If you know any of those people: I wouldn't stand too close....

Float application

Keep corporate Pigs out of our traditions --keep Silver Lake daVine

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