ALERT Skid Row Problems to be Exported --to Silver Lake

It was hard to decide what to call this—
“Welcome to Silver Lake, Your Property Value About to Plunge” –or “Eric Garcetti -Your Rep Hard at Work” or “All the Drug Addicts Money Can Buy” –or “Come Meet the New Neighbors: Exported from Main Street –Sidewalks” –or “FIVE is a Charm in Silver Lake –for Developer Pal.”

People who are mentally ill –drug addicted –“ex” criminal have to live somewhere. The lumps in City “Council” –state Legislature decided: -best person to “develop” a place for them –person with Best Connections –right smack in the middle of ~TaDa Our Town –do it in Silver Lake. They think so so strongly they gave a least-cherished type: lots and LOTS of money to make that happen.

How Much Money?
Even if you aren’t very smart: could You figure out how to build a house –with 365,000 bucks? Current build rate –multi-family structure in Southern California: -ranges from $136 to $200 per square foot. “Develop” person —will use top quality materials? Ya, right. Well say he does –loose his mind, goes for Best materials. If each unit is also above average size, do the math: at 700 feet per unit, $200 x 700 = $140,000 per unit.

Best-connected “developer” going to somehow pull off a re-hab: -apartment building cost, wait for it– $365,000 PER UNIT. Ahh, the genius of City Council members…. Will it actually COST “developer” $365,000 to provide kitchen, bath, main room –even if he adds a bedroom? Only if he lines the walls with gold leaf.

So well-connected “developer” getting $365,000 bucks to tidy up each unit –the “extra” left over $225,000 will go –where?

–You want to re-hab an apartment building: -you better conform to ALL Building & Safety codes -laws –quantity, quality of parking or You Don’t get your plans approved, you Don’t get permit to do squat. This “Developer” will be forced to shove the left-over money into parking garage?

“Developer” pal: -NOT. 0Nope: 0drug-addict haven –WON’T include parking –no kind. Oh well? 36 apartments x $225,000 ea after-tidy = $8,100,000 clear ‘profit’…cool

Person who ‘develops’ Silver Lake drug-haven will hire management company –to watch Skid Row imports: 0Will cost $7 -8 MILLION bucks a year??? 0Ya, right. Get out of my way, I want to apply for THAT job.

Well maybe all the needles his management company–largest needle exchange provider in So Cal, will, uh, take up the “left over”? 0I had to buy needles for my diabetic kitty, for two years, way didn’t come anywhere close to –$1 million. 0Guess Best-connected “developer” will have to shove the ‘overs’ –into his pocket?

Silver Lake to shelter drug-addicted -mentally ill -ex criminal imports –Why? The homeless already ‘living’ in Silver Lake: 0will be offered space in re-hab structure? Nope. Downtowners: -want their problems Exported –‘No Vacancy’ for our existing problems.

Help me out –I’m not wise to insider stuff: -with programs of transition, independent living classes, etc –WHY isn’t the Experienced like Rescue Mission –getting the contract and the Money to do this work? 0Weingarten Foundation –suddenly got dumb –too unskilled, somehow, to do what they have been doing for decades? Anybody know anybody More qualified to help those in trouble –than Salvation Army?

Red Cross always hogs the credit, but: -Salvation Army do the hands-on nitty gritty, like when they helped all LA after the 1994 quake. While others: -spent their time begging/running ads for donations, Army people fed, sheltered the newly-home-less, remember? What could one of the Experienced providers accomplish –with $13 MILLION?

Five –shelters? Or downtowners, with more clout, money, connections: -will be wanting MORE of their problems exported –to us? How Many MORE re-hab/built shelters by the pals with the connections –shoved into our community, instead of managed by the Knowledgeable –near their Existing structures?

Why mentally ill drug-addicted? Where is Serious Need shelter: single parent with CHILDREN?

Geography Dyslexia?
Even though Eric wandered off –to a sound stage –to appear in a TV show (with daddy) –during slash & burn of services/search $42 million still-missing bucks in City's budget, shouldn't somebody tell him: 0you cannot get into City Hall through Downtown –it ain't in CD-13.

How did person who will “develop” Silver Lake “for” us
–get this deal? Did he get anointed –after his ‘observation’ some people in elected office: -had a ‘shortage’ in their campaign bank account? oIf we passed a hat: How Much would it take to get us anointed –for No Shelter? Who could find out? 0 Ask your rep in Legislature –why, any of it. Find their link: SEE Sidebar – under “Local Government”

Your thoughts?
Have a business –live –pray –work –send your children to school in Silver Lake? Won’t mind if mentally ill -drug addicts hang in front of business -house of worship -park -parking lot -bus stops near schools -cafes -on your car –everywhere –your property value plunges –Silver Lake should be daVine good neighbor, have a place for sex offenders? 0Your thoughts?

You CAN actually Have Your Say: at a meeting, Thursday with developer, management company. 0Our ‘rep’ ever-working it Eric Garcetti got an invitation: -will he show? –Show up and find out.

$365,000 each apartment –$13 MILLION from our pockets –to 'developer's' –to re-do an old building at Gigantic profit –to house the dysfunctional –at night. 0Instead of housed in a public facility, getting training during the day, they will be free to roam –your home? The dysfunctional: 0have more rights than the functional, doncha know.

Should you bother to show up?
Who will be there? 0Other pals, very very quiet ones –want to see community response... if THEY try to go for this kind of deal. 0How Many more shelters –will make Silver Lake "neighborly" –till you've had Enough? 0Newport Beach stakeholders didn't show up in the beginning –now: they got DOZENS of shelters. 0NOT thing One they can do about it. -Developers: -got pals –and Lobbyists, who ‘suggest’ laws....

While Eric has been working it –‘for’ us: 0how many shelters for the dysfunctional in Bel Aire –in Rolling Hills -Laguna Woods -Brentwood –Holmby Hills?

Tell at least five friends, Bring your neighbors. 0Don’t show: -don’t complain to cops, anybody –later when Silver Lake isn't daVine.

Host: 00000000-0Silver Lake Neighborhood Council –Special
Moderator: 0000-Rusty Millar, co-chair Neighborhood Council
Format: 000000--Town Hall type –presentation; q & a
Service Provider: Homeless Healthcare of LA, Vendome
Community: 0000Dillon Street Watch
Want List:
-Program & tenant criteria, rules
-Triggers set for eviction, contract termination

What do you want?

Thursday, September 23, 2010
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Russian Orthodox Church
650 Micheltorena Street x Ellsworth
Parking: gated lot

The resident monks are generous with time, facility: if you see --thank them (I always do)

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