LA Debt Crisis: One Animal $42 Million Bucks, Thousands Minus Crayon Supply = Solution?

If you are a parent living in Los Angeles –‘keeping it together’ one way and another after Wall Street weasels chased self-serving bucks, crashed everyone else’s economy –job/career –pension –and/or what’s left of your roof, you know: schools have no money. –Still, want your child to have art class?

Room in the Budget?
Art once a week: If art teacher costs $175 day + crayons, paint, brushes, easel, misc. supplies + chunk to cover admin. costs –for say 30 -35 children –what amount would/could you pay? $25 –a week = $100 a month? Or: Way past the current budget?

Even nut-jobs can’t make up this stuff
The sages perched on City Council seats they somehow procured –for up to 12 years @ $1/4 million salary every year + free car, gas + pension, perks and privacy, deemed Best use of their time, public’s money: a coalition to give One animal his very own home, all by his lonesome –all expenses paid –on some of priciest real estate in Los Angeles. That’s the deal for: Billy the kid, elephant.

Nevermind that elephants: Well-known for being family-oriented, Do Really have loooong memory, don’t thrive or survive alone, LA City “council” humps doi’n it anyway –building Billy a home of his own, at LA Zoo.

Put aside City Hall politics, animal “rights” extremists’ views and obscene amount of Money, just Human to Animal: gives any thinking person the creeps. It’s sickening. The humps: set their ‘laser-beams’ on Go, no super power can short-circuit.

Bastions of brilliance up to?
Aside from urgent cameo appearance –on-camera –whenever any event –issue –pot hole causes a TV camera to pop up, the leader of the pack and his co-humps spending their time cutting/pasting, slicing & dicing –city services –employees –other’s pet projects: to make missing budget coffers “fit” into bottomless
‘black hole’ of debt. –Their salary: not on the table.

‘Pet project’
–We footed the bill –Bernie Parks dropped gobs of dough around country to fill 'desperate' need for football team –paved a few allys –none on stuffing Textbooks into his district’s schools. Prince Eric managed to wedge a W into a wedge of Hollywood, helped morph several Silver Lake apartment buildings into condo, but after years of ‘work,’ Silver Lake DASH-less, and on and on –each Council member -their own agenda. --Not even a free peep outta any to save Ambassador Hotel. Oh well.

Art rooms –filled with pottery wheels -print-making -silk screens --all kinds of equipment, tools, supplies, curricula we had in school –gone with Prop. 13 –with political ‘priorities’ –with the wind, minors can't vote. Budget-busters –now, ain’t gotta prob with forking over $42 billion bucks for Billy –and lucky for them Billy can’t talk –vote.

But Stuff like crayons, paint, art teachers not the stuff they’re stuffing into the budget, City 'council' counselors gotta prob with bucks for: Barnsdall Art classes. Oh gee who could see that coming.

Barnsdall Art Park: island of creativity –beauty –art –fun for decades, a place to do art on Sundays. The crayons –paint, brushes, place, teacher: total cost to any child $0.

East LA to Venice, Valley to Central LA -How to Cover $0 fee/rising costs –Barnsdall Art Foundation has done it –for years, Until now. Now: Bankster sharks got everybody in the net. LA City ‘council’ can figure out how to suck money out of “developers” –donations into campaign coffers, not how to enable children to have art, once a week.

Just –Paper Chase?
In our wedge of heaven –with all that we have here –with over 2 million people: how do we pool resources –energy –brains to keep art going? Can you picture: how much “fun” school would have been for You without –music, plays –art –crafts we had? –just the studying, just the tests? Do we really want to go back –to Dickens era??? Can’t we do Better?

Jaw-dropping time
daVine Art in the Park— free, for all children –art classes for adults fee un-raised 20 years, gallery –how to keep going? –What do you think is Funding Solution? Board Foundation: will present the situation at a panel meeting Tuesday. Mr. LaBonge –CD #04 rep, will bring himself, prince Garcetti, CD #13 rep, will not, our monthly payment to him doesn’t, apparently, cover the cost of Personal Appearances –without cameras, anyway, he will send messenger –with pen & paper?

–To hear the facts for yourself, discuss the future –participate:
Bring your creative self, your neighbor or three and your ideas to hear, discuss it all –don’t expect Billy to be there, he’s got his own problems.

- Foundation Meeting -
Barnsdall Gallery Theater
-6:15 PM - 8:00 PM
-4800 Hollywood Blvd,
-Los Feliz 90027 Map
-Access -If you haven’t been to the Park: bus, Metro train; parking: top & bottom;
-steep driveway –disabled: use elevator from Kaiser

PS Yes, short notice –if you subscribe (top) to Silver Lake daVine you get it direct/faster

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