Un-Thirsty -Thirsty Gardening in Silver Lake

Whether weather changes --fire -flood -famine -drought from 271 million pounds of toxins dumped on the planet annually from 70,000 flights every day --caused by humans or by Other: We have to conserve the ever-more valuable water we still got --including with the biggest hogs: the garden. If you're not using yours to host World Cup Lawn Tennis --Polo Tournaments--
Discussion of the movement: trading in money -water-sucking lawn for perennial landscape and for edible buffet for your wedge of Silver Lake daVine:

11:00 am - Saturday - October 2, 2010
Part of monthly series "Sustainable Saturdays" public lecture:
"How to Plan Drought-tolerant Garden"
by Vanessa Rutter, landscape architect
presented by: Sustainable Silver Lake
Silver Lake Library
2411 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles 90039

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For hands-on and thirsty crowd--

Can you believe it: Silver Lake's newest Park has a Friends Of and they are having a hoe-down and you are invited--
after the heat wanes
Bring gloves & trowel -and/or both ears -your meet-the-neighbors shiny face
To: do a bit of weed plucking, sip lemonade -listen to acoustic guitar music by Billy Gill

Sunday - October 3, 2010
- 5:30 pm - music around 6:30 pm
Silver Lake Blvd
Silver Lake 90026

Want to keep Silver Lake daVine:

the group wants to do More pocket parks and you can help --with gloves & trowel --with ideas --with a donation or become a sponsor...
one can be jobless, be broke but it is not possible to be blue while gardening, believe it... Best antidote to madness going on... to keep

Silver Lake daVine.... href="http://www.parkmantriangle.org/">Parkman Triangle

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Parkman Triangle Pocket Park— Event Listing –for Sunday, October 3, 2010
I take things seriously, careful about what I post –recommend in this space. I had a ‘conversation’ with Contact person for Parkman Triangle Park –that was astounding. Big deal - small local event, any --most people delighted to get publicity –and for free. On my part: I was giving him a friendly ‘heads up’ -link –He: used serious energy –to be rude and hung up.
Therefore here’s one for you: give Serious Thought to whether you want to give money –show up at any future event of such a ‘neighbor.’ Don’t say you weren’t warned. Now that I know: I don’t believe I’ll be posting any of those events, he can be a whacko Alone.

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