LA City 'Council' Member BP: Goes Nanny on Guns -Gangsters -Graffiti? Hell NO

Pop Quiz --In maybe the most dysfunctional City in the US, with the most confused useless mayor, among the dysfunctional vastly over-paid under-worked 'council' members: Who is the Most Dysfunctional of all?

My vote: Bernard Parks
Of all the debt --deficit --deep --dumb problems this City has, what is Bernard Parks 'concerned' about? He spent vast energy --time --resources to secure textbooks in his districts' schools --lifted any of his digits to keep young men IN school/out of jail --pressured for pocket/any parks, green space --supermarkets --more bus lines? What, you on recreational drugs?

Hell, no
'Council' member Bernard Parks spent Our money, His time, until a year ago, flying around the US in desperate attempt to fill the gaping hole that is our 'lack' of --professional football.

Of course, why not --why should he bother doing any of that boring stuff people seem to want, when what the City really 'needs' is to find $150+ Million bucks to build a stadium --with plush boxes for those fat asses with the scratch to fork over a fraction of the Real cost of it all.

Oh well, Controller Wendy Gruell: banged Bernie's digits hard when she slammed the City's checkbook shut --said "No More" free flights, hotel, food out-of-town. Oops

So the fired ex chief cop Bitter Bernie, as he's widely known, went off in search of a "new" toy --and ~Ta Da he came up with a dandy. You're thinking: he Finally plopped a plan on Council Chamber desk that will rid the City of --semi-automatic weapons --wipe out flourishing gangsters feasting off the frightened --flash-wash graffiti from every freeway? You: new in town?

Bitter Bernie Decided the Best use of Our Money, His time --you thought "15,000 still un-tested rape kits" --"re-open one of the SEVEN shut hospitals or even an ER"??? You --just arrived yesterday?

--Mediate a way --to get gangs OUT of Los Angeles --Serious grip on bottom-less pit DWP --improve traffic flow --pave real pot holes --unite the City --duh, Create J-O-B-S? Gosh, you are naive.

No, the Self-ServBolding Blob that rolls over Los Angeles, for his own interest: came up with --wait for it, that Serious Crime --Tobacco! Yup, That's the Ticket --to what You ask? oh

Well, Boobie Bernie Decided: he is In Control --of stuff like air --businesses, hotels, parks, common areas, restaurants and bars, and beaches and stuff, oh my. --Bernie, my Lord???

HE wants a Law that people CAN'T use Tobacco in those places he controls. Semi-automatic weapons --that mow down cops --elderly --six year-olds? No, no biggie, but Tobacco, now There's This Town's Real dastardly culprit.

Uh, I do have a couple questions though --don't get me wrong, I Get that the guy who stands to collect at Least FOUR pensions off of us Is equipped, uh, with Something. But could somebody gimme a Hint --When did Bernie get put in charge of Los Angeles Oxygen?

I mean, I do Try to keep up, but there's so much that spews Out of 'council' chambers, I miss stuff, so WHEN did Bernie Parks Get listed as Head of Air?

IF the Air Head: doesn't like your cooking oil --he thinks it smells "bad" --will the cops come sniffing around? If a mommy leaves a diaper too long before laundering: will that net a ticket? Or mommy --crack --heroin --meth smells no problemo, just the tobacco?

So like will a Tobacco-smeller get hauled to jail? We got jail space for those, but the gangsters roaming around th 8th District/LA --no room for them, just space for those who light up pipes, cigars???

Another Question: 70,000 flights Every Day --dump 271 MILLION pounds of Toxins on the planet, at last count in 2008. So if that much Toxin is dumped on the planet, just exactly How Much: dumped on us in Los Angeles from Tobacco? --Equal to 30,000 flights a day --two flights???

What Numbers is Nanny Parks working with here?

Since HE is in Control of the Air
Why, exactly, Doesn't Bitter Bernie --make a law protecting us from those toxins dumped on us --by planes --by vehicles --oil refineries --SUVs --carbon plants --manufacturing???

I Must have missed --how Tobacco EQUALS --all that? Tobacco-users IN LA Equals the amount of marijuana-users? WHY the distinction between the two, both plant-based.

So cigar bars --would have to close??? --But tobacco sellers?

If somebody calls the cops on a "tobacco user" --but the 'tobacco' wasn't, marijuana was the 'dirty' smell: if the user has medical permission --will the Caller of cops get arrested --ticketed?

Another Thing I'm Wondering: I DID follow how the City 'found' $42 MILLION bucks to house One animal --that Shouldn't be housed anywhere except in the wild; how the dysfunctional DWP "workers" get 23% MORE salary than the Already Over-paid 'regular' City employees; well-know 'Council' members get free cars, gas, $100,000 'play' money to do Whatever they want, staff of 15 to 22, salary EQUAL to that of a US Senator AND pension for life --though they only "work" three days a week/part-time, BUT could Somebody like gimme Clue:
WHERE the Money will come from to like Police this clever new toy/law Bitter Bernie wants?

Oh, yes, I know: when Bernie Announced this Serious Scourge on Los Angeles, the followers followed him --all 13 of them nodded their bobble-heads in agreement, 'yes, we must --ban tobacco throughout the City.' --But How would that "work"?

911: "what are you reporting"
caller: "someone is smoking a cigarette"
911: "okay, we'll send a car and two cops right over" --Really???

So rapists --gang bangers --car-jackers --convenience store robbers: will have a Good time in LA --while LAPD chase smokers???

Or: Bernie and his band of followers, even Prince Eric WILL cut DWP budget/salaries --to pay for More cops --to write tickets on ...smellies???

Al Gore will be so --pleased???

IF nanny mess Passes: does this mean All-Powerful Bernie will have the guy currently squatting in "Governor" office Arrested if HE lights up a cigar??? I'd like to See him Try that.

Okay, lemme make Sure I've got this: Los Angeles CANNOT tax marijuana --because it's Not legal, according to Bernie. But a plant that IS legal in the US and California --can get user arrested --ticketed??? WHICH of us is confused?

Or taxing the 'illegal' plant would cause pals 'grande problemo'?

How come gangs came roaring back, after virtually disappeared through late 1980s, now infest huge chunks of LA?
WHO paid Bernard Parks' college tuition?
What happened to LAPD file on ex cop, ex chief cop Bernard Parks?
WHY is Bernard Parks sitting on LA City Council --still?

We Don't have to have children gunned down on sidewalks -walking home from school, just before graduation -prom -Halloween --semi-automatic weapons --gangsters --nanny government --Bernard Parks.

HOW to Keep LA daVine?
The 8th District, ALL Los Angeles stakeholders DESERVE Better than self-serving Bernard-do nothing-Parks. Let's SEE if we can make LA a semi-automatic weapon-free zone --make the gangs melt?

Somebody Please:
A smart teacher --community organizer --business owner --well-known church volunteer --parent of a wounded child --investment advisor --barbershop king --Any/All honest hard-working --fed up with No Help from Parks: e-mail this to each, Encourage them to run.

MAKE Los Angeles daVine: take out the papers --FILE --get signatures --RUN against Bernard Parks. I'll be the first to sign. We CAN have better.

No? The Mayor teamed up with groups to: Plant 1 Million trees in LA. --Where are the trees for #08 District? In Silver Lake: sidewalks were cut --the FREE trees planted in retail/commercial corridors AND entire length of Silver Lake Blvd and in front of homes. --Cost? Free --Just sign permission slip and agree to water the tree.

Everything looks good with trees --Parks Knows about the Program, Why didn't he see to it 100,000 --even 50,000 trees were planted in the District? It's not too late, but First: the Rep. for CD-08 has to give a damn.

CALL City Council Member's office- tell them:
"No, on Tobacco ban, Yes on ban of semi-automatic weapons -gangs -graffiti." They WILL listen, believe it --each Council member is keeping track of calls -comments on this.
Parks: 213-473-7008
-other members: same number but last two digits same as the District number
-or before 9:30 PM call: 311 -ask to be connected; you can leave a message on each Council member's phone.

DUMP this moron
--If you're still NOT sure: I Double-dare you to Name One Thing Bernard Parks has done FOR Los Angeles? --Even a Single thing that is Better because of him?

Nanny "law" proposal --Somebody PLEASE file Please --the election for District #08 is March, 2011 --we CAN have better.

MAP of CD-08 http://www.bernardparks.com/map

8475 S. Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90044
Phone: 213-485-7616
Fax: 213-485-8156

How Stupid is Bernard Parks Nanny proposal on tobacco? The City will LOOSE tax money if tobacco sales go down --cost Major money to "enforce" his stupid idea --make the deficit Larger. Bullets come before "tobacco."

Use the link below --to e-mail this to everyone you know. Get Involved --or get FOUR More years of Parks.

* * * * *
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