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If you're not keen on the grey gropers at LAX having their way with you, lol...
you can have daVine wintry time, right here in Los Angeles --during Great Turkey week. Mind how you go --leave plenty of space between the car ahead, streets will be slick in this first rain of the season.

Who knows why, maybe it's nostalgia in the middle of recession, or just mini respite from Washington Whackos' wrangling... Cupcakes are Hot. If you fancy a taste, or twenty: mosey over to 4th Annual
Cupcake Camp
--sample creations of the pros and the home-bakers
12pm-5pm Saturday - November 20th, 2010
The Music Box
6126 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood CA

Even though it will be raining, you can have just as much fun as being at Rockefeller Center --but without the airfare -truly stupid TSA reactionaries -lost luggage -costly cabs: Gen. Pershing's Square will be transformed into annual skating rink, starting this week-end. For only $6 --plus $2 skate rental, you too can practice for a winter Olympics --or snuggle up and enjoy the sight, with cocoa --downtown Los Angeles, On Ice.

There is parking underground, if you must use car, but if you're smart: park on edge of downtown and DASH over, for only $.25 --no parking rip-off, ticket or $4-an-hour meter.
Even better: use the underground train

Let There Be Light...
It's always goofy, to me, why --a mall --plops a Christmas tree and all the go-along doodads with it in the middle of a Jewish neighborhood, but they do, every year: this year they'll light it up this week-end, at Farmer's Market
Tree Lighting
7:30 PM - Sunday, November 21
3rd & Fairfax
West Hollywood --wear boots, bring brolly
If you're native or long-time lover of Farmer's Mkt: you know how annoying mall's parking rules are; if you don't want the two-hour annoyance, these bus lines all whiz by: 16/316, 217, 218, 780

I'd luv an argument -debate IF: there is a Cooler More Imaginative Place in all of Los Angeles --heck, anywhere in California than Machine Project. --Any takers? Way not stuffy, either: this summer they offered your house plant --a vacation, lol... your fav darling was offered a spot in the Hammer Museum; many others that give a giggle, among other things --sometimes they are so unusual they require re-read --or translation. Once: they offered two-part class on a device to capture microbes in the Reservoir, though the Committee to Save the Reservoirs wouldn't take my posting; July 4th: singing on the porch, lol; binocular-making....
For This Week-end:
here's three --but don't bother with the hat-making, it's sold out, of course, Machine Project --in the 'hood --best to sign up --for monthly e-mails and membership (only $5), to get first chance --things happen/sell out fast.

Exposed Movie...
While he 'decides' to go around --trying to take 'victory' lap, with faux humility, for sales --flogging a book somebody wrote for him --if you want to see the Other Side of what the last administration did for politics of war: see
"Fair Game"
locally - at Los Feliz 3
--Treasonable offense --for 'non-connected' American, but The Dick, president of vice, finessed it --put his mouth-piece out to twist in the wind; after conviction --got the 'Decider' to 'excuse' the prison term....
Hey, 'Decider' --have you heard: you might wanna skip flogging that incriminating tome outside the US --if you want to avoid your butt thrown into prison and into the dock in the Hague on trial as a war criminal --Europeans AREN'T as shy as AG Eric Holder.

Don't shop till you're dead -broke, nothing 'tastes' as good as saving your money...if you Must: buy from an independent, not a chain --they won't hire a lobbyist to steal your money -your rights -your home -pension -job or your rep... Bon Appetite... in Silver Lake daVine....

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