You Made a Million Bucks --Don't Want to Pay More Income Tax?

Your income --salary -Your bonus -investments -interest -real estate -buying/selling this and that will bring in more than $1 million this year? That puts You: in top 2% of Americans --among the wealthiest.

Ten years ago
Law written: tax on Income --highest amount, reduced to 35% --until this New Year's Eve, then tax on Personal Income goes back to: 39%. There aren't any higher brackets --on say $500 Million or a Billion bucks, or more --don't pay higher tax.

But now --You --don't want to pay more on Your Personal income? That puts You: among the greediest.

The amount of money held by the 2%: equals ALL the money held by the OTHER 98%.

Even though there are more Democrats in the US, the so-called Independents plus the Poorly-informed -easily-manipulated Tea Party people voted: more Republicans into House of Representatives, the people's House, in November election.

For decades Republicans: represent the rich --Take their orders -create carve-outs -write special laws -get 'special' breaks for big donors -for wealthiest Americans -for corporations.

If You Don't want to pay --more tax on Your Personal income, on wealth You accumulated this year: You're with those people --anti-Americans.

The Republicans, Elephants, tip-toe down to the basement late night to put their marks on bills already approved --take from everyone's pot, quietly without transparency -accounting -vote --'special' deals for pals.

They thought it would be macho -pal-helpful: to start war --in two countries --at the same time --on money borrowed from other countries to pay for it. War engorges pals, corporations that supply stuff to Penta-goons, militants gung-ho to spend America's money to fight today, with last war's weapons, strategies, thinking --indifferent to Cost.

--Wiley Penta-goons: they put a base -weapon-maker -or major parts supplier in Every state to 'nail down' any shift in Congress -political wind, that would stop their spending --us into bankruptcy.

When the squatters --The Thug and The Dick got into the White House --not by vote, but via no-longer supreme court, they saw: Treasury surplus --hard-earned by Democrats, and set about Spending. After they blew through Our savings: they binged some more --borrowed, every week, like a 12-year old girl with Daddy's credit card; enriched pals --from every sector. --You said what?

The Elephants: take care of their "base" --those who always vote, senior adults. They gave them: big -Big -really big gift/'plan' for drugs, which also just happened to help more pals --unlocked Treasury vault. --Our money: flew out --big drug-makers, hospitals, insurance muggers scooped it all up.

Thanks to arrogant ignorant, self-serving 'conservatives' --like just-convicted Tom Delay: oopsy, blew Really big hole in nation's Treasury --increased our debt. To help --their pals, They made Sure prices of those drugs would stay high --higher than anywhere else in the world --no negotiating THAT for VA, seniors --NO more trips to Canada to get SAME drugs at half cost.

The Thug & The Dick left us --we the people, with un-paid bills --DEBT, massive. Ah, those "conservative" Elephants, can really blow things up, big.

How Much?
How much do we owe? So much money it hurts the brain to take in. To pay what we owe other countries --working poor --homeless --druggies --middle-class --middle-Americans --all those making Less than $45,000 a year, Every American: would have to send a check to Treasury for $44,000 --today.

Next year: that amount won't cover the Interest on our Debt.

--got yours, too bad for everybody else? You're So Tight --Small: you Don't want to Help keep the country Functioning --you'd Rather have America go, head down, palm up --get the money from the Chinese --the Brits --the krauts? --Screw everybody's children who WILL have to pay off the debt?

Even though You Have More --You don't want to Pay more
--WE should Borrow to make up for YOU? Then: You should get less --for which the 98% have to pay.

Okay, then to Keep us daVine
Stay OFF trains --AMTRAK and commuter. Keep OFF streets -roads -freeways. Don't even think about flying, stay OUT of the airport --employees WE pay out of Our taxes do maintenance -track repair -pot hole filling -passenger screening, air traffic controlling.

DON'T whine --when you can't find people to hire who can form a proper sentence -follow orders -even understand you. The un-educated, with lousy/no proper teachers, will flood the marketplace.

California ranks: 49th in education, only students in Louisiana worse. America sinking compared to rest of the world in science -math -reading -technology -higher education.

Hold onto your books --buy more, libraries will be closed 7 days a week.

Beach? --DO NOT look for advance notice --posted signs --treatment --"all clear" --after sewage goes directly straight into ocean --on another treatment plant failure.

--Tainted fish -produce -poultry -nuts -dairy: don't look for blame --or any FDA Inspectors, they don't work for free.

Lab techs -anybody at CDC works IF paid-- so keep good supply --those all-purpose face-masks handy, for Unknown disease outbreaks.

When --burglars in --fire fighters out --house in flames: don't bother to call --after states copy the town in Colorado turns off street lights at 8 pm --fired all the police, don't have any but volunteer fire fighters. --Do Not complain --to any government person who still has a phone.

--Your driver gets a ticket --You won't mind the $10 --$15,000 fine, right? Somebody has to pay to keep the traffic lights on, the boat harbor maintained, the anarchy -riot noise in check.

--Water main --bursts in front of your estate, ya, so? You don't want all that water? Put a plumber on speed-dial.

You --don't give a fig, you aren't doing any walking among the 98% --so what do You care, no sidewalks or city trees --won't bother You.

--When Your House crashes around you during storm -flood -earthquake: make your own Escape Plan, pal --nobody will be doing Rescue the Millionaire programs.

--Heart attack --freeway pile-up? That pricey cell phone with all the gizmos: will do What for You? --Paramedics will show up cuz You're wealthy? Nope, laid-off off flipping burgers -or hospital patients, the ones who can afford medical insurance.

--Mountain road impeded by boulders --bridge, rusty bolts --overpass, crumbling concrete: no biggie --if You go over the side? Good, then don't look for Search & Rescue, they Ain't gonna be doin' it, any more.

--Rigged Stock Market, rigged for certain insiders, crimps Your portfolio --unregulated -uncaught, no money for Regulators --Won't bother You?

Wild West --all over the country, everyone looking out --for themselves, that's what You 'bought' into. Glenn Becky, sniveling incoherent addled mangled history mixed with sobbing like a girl-tears, will be so happy --and looking out for himself, don't call HIM.

When OUR Tax money goes --to pay interest on loans borrowed to give --to You: isn't that, uh, socialism?

Oh, You can add gates --even a moat, but when You want to go Out --passed the cars full of Sleeping people --protesters marching through neighborhood, where will You go --what will You do --that Matters?

So, Elephant man/woman: Your mouth-pieces, prostitutes in Congress, played Let's Get the Black guy --hardball --blackmail --and emerged 'victorious' on the rich getting richer --for now.

Pop the champagne, shoot an animal -do a little dance --celebrate your "victory" --at least until the Working Poor -the Middle-class -the 98% can't buy home, pay child's tuition, get a job --no savings -pension --dignity -groceries -freedom and come for Your hide.

When the Elephants gut the funding --to National Science Foundation --Public Television --Medi-Care --universities, every helpful institution; scientists -researchers -technologists -teachers -engineers laid un-employed; when earth is hot --very hot, crowded with unwanted babies --all competing for food: how will You get new/any fuel to run that limo --a/c, computer, Plasma --empire, Americans not educated enough to 'dig' You -America out of the Hole?

How will You stockpile: breathable air?
Hey, maybe The Dick will let you bunk in with him. --He cut very "special" deals with his pals --on nation's assets --at everyone's expense. So since he said "Deficits don't matter" and he has to live on this planet, he must have vast piles of air -water stored in 'unknown location' --well at least enough for himself. Give him a call, he probably won't mind --sharing.

When US joins Third World do not weep. You chose: to Go with the Ignorant --the Self-serving --the lip-service patriots --the Sarah Palin quitters who want "common" sense, not Reality -Rational -Accountable Sense --more money to go to You. YOU chose: SELF-interest, to hell with the country.

Everyone pulled against the middle --against Common Good, You followed.

But IF, tomorrow morning, Every Program -agency -department -employee of entire federal government de-funded --Dropped: the 'savings' would NOT equal the Amount: America owes. Got that?

We cannot: slash & burn our way to solvency, America owes far More than that. We have Debt --WE need Revenue -INcome, Not OUTgo, to those who Already Have Plenty.

While You're chowing down on that extinct bird's nest soup: has it occurred, yet, IF giving 2% of Americans More --over the past ten Years --has "worked" --Where are the Jobs?

--Congress increased YOUR wealth --thereby increased productivity -jobs -economy? uh, Nope. --IF the Few have even More money, now, Why is America in Deeper debt? That merely: increased the Wealth of the already wealthy, nothing Else. You/They put the money: own pocket, nobody else's.

Been There, Done That
Giving the rich MORE Didn't IMPROVE America -Americans, so we're going to do it Again??? This Time: we will get Different result???

You: part of TWO-tier America, the Haves, the Have NOTS.

When you die, Elephant: "Republican" in your obit --AMERICANS will know You weren't. --You one of ‘Those.’ Your 4% --what more did you eat --wear --DO was worth the grief You inflicted on Rest of Americans, for generations?

How AMERICA --Better --a DEBTOR nation --weak --beholden --the Chinese, the Indians, the Koreans creditors --dictating what we can/cannot afford, Thanks to You --HOW?

What difference --hanging on to 4% more Do for you --despised, reviled, respected by: None. Your "legacy": America a crumbling ghetto, coast to coast...?

While you still CAN: call your pals in Congress --tell them NOT to start any More wars. We ain't got the scratch to PAY the military to do any more fighting. When they--whoever--comes for America: we will have to let them roll over us, bullets ain't gonna be in the budget.

"The top 1 percent of families hold half of all non-home wealth. The richest 10 percent of families own about 85 percent of all outstanding stocks. They own about 85 percent of all financial securities, 90 percent of all business assets. These financial assets and business equity are even more concentrated than total wealth.

...The average African-American family has about 60 percent of the income as the average white family. But the disparity of wealth is a lot greater. The average African-American family has only 18 percent of the wealth of the average white family."

--The Wealth Divide
The Growing Gap in the United States
Between the Rich and the Rest

You: ain't daVine. You: the cause --force the 98% to go beg Other countries --to LOAN us $4 TRILLION bucks --pile it on to debt we already got on our books --so You -Your arrogant kind can --do what? Force 98% to work for even less --You: longer limo -bigger diamonds --more art -clothes -boats -servants -power?

All that dough
You're so Depraved/Desperate to Have: How Many --J-O-B-S You will create --hire How Many?

Where do You imagine --You can go
--underground garage... local theater, bakery... boat-slip... for Chinese, hot new 4-star... helicopter pad --public bathroom --won't be cursed -spat on, perceived and actual threat to health -well-being of Americans -of America? Or live with Your money: like Howard Hughes....

When Saudis
--Russians --French --Swiss give us "Nyet" --"Non" to buying our bonds/more loans, uh, say, What do we do? Just announce 'Bankruptcy' --sell off our Landmarks -bridges -town squares --go back to scratching out a living from the earth --live on Your estate lawn --on landfills --in the street? Should we ask Afghans --now, to teach us How to Build mud hut?

--When countries ask us --help with food -medicine -technology --protection from drug
monsters -terrorists -bullies that threaten Pakistan, Israel -struggling and small countries: we should give them your name, number --say we Already saved --You?

--uh, When terrorists -North Korea -Iran threaten the world --us?

Luck to you, explaining --when you get to The Gates. Hey, there is a Tiny chance: G-d will forgive, even when History --98% curse, despise, long after You're dead.

But --Wait: Heard An Obese Gentlewoman --Yet? How to keep us --US daVine?
--ONE caved, but It Ain't Over. He doesn't have a vote --spine --balls. I spent the morning calling, though the line was busy:
-Sen. Feinstein
-Sen. Boxer
-Rep. Becera
-Rep. Watson
--when I got through, asked to hold there were so many calls. Each staffer I asked:
'all our lines are ringing; nearly all calls: about the tax for the rich; we give the Tally to DC office end of each day.’ YOU can phone --the number --local & DC: SEE Sidebar --->
'Local Govt' ===>
--Don't call?
Don't Tell anybody: you Hope for daVine neighborhood -community -America, America as we know it will be gone with the wind --Debt -Division -deplorable Two-tiered life... back to Dark Ages.

... Buckle up, things are going to get bumpy... Griffith Park... could get cramped.

How about save the trees:

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Illustration: Thanks to zorger.com

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