Hey, Millionaire: What NOW?

HOW Did We Get Here --Biggest Debtor in History?
When our money was backed --by gold, no weasel, no President, no Fed head, no Ben Bernanke could just print more money. Prices --stable --low-cost houses -cars -tuition --inflation minor. e.g., Rent: a single in 'hot' part of San Francisco: $125, circa 1973

--EVERY dollar grounded --until Tricky Dick Nixon, Republican, President, took the US OFF Gold Standard --our paper money no longer imprinted: "redeemable for gold -silver”
--Americans passive. 'Benefit'? --Legally allowed to OWN gold --then Price of every thing swung wildly --not matched by salaries. Gold in 1973? $35 per ounce. --Now: gold dealers will pay anyone about $20 --per GRAM; gold: over $1,400 per ounce on fear, rejection of paper assets.

Why did he do it? --Real reason? Maybe: long deep research would reveal Real answer, maybe. But since it was Tricky Dick: I'll stick with my instincts, suspicion it was a conspiracy, of a few, to benefit Them --until another credible explanation turns up.

Tricky Dick's criminal acts --and suitcases full of millions: begat Ford, not elected VP, but hand-plucked by Tricky from Congress --plucked this, that -a nowhere man after Tricky quit --walked himself out, a millionaire, assumed Presidency

--his disgusting outrageous Excuse/Pardon--long-suspected as Deal for getting VP position--of Tricky's crimes, so offensive begat outrage --booted immediately for

--an obscure, inept, stubborn peanut farmer --President; further mis-managed. Prime rate: 23% + 10%--yes, really--oil 'shortage' & gas station lines and lectures and arrogance --begat hostility, Recession --Outrage

--so much: nearly All Americans voted Against Carter --which begat misinterpretation --and passive-aggressive Ronald Reagan, President. He: trickled on Americans.

Environment -workplace --hazardous; pensions -rights -water -land -justice -minerals --stolen? oh well. He refused to appoint people: No watchdogs --no over-sight = No enforcement. Start-up: Stupid government, two-tier America.

When he went IN:
-248,000 people worked for federal government
-Nancy: spent $2,000 bucks per plate on new dishes; unknown $: astrology readings on policies
-Ronnie: cut tax on rich, took 'conservative' credit, naps

When Elephants' fav moved OUT:
-Penta-goons: bloated with weapons -jets -contractors -budget --bigger than any other country
-fed payroll: 475,000 --NOBODY (but me?) remembers that
-The Rich: grew...
-Americans got: Less and less and $1 TRILLION bucks of debt
Reagan's trickle trickle: expanded government, INCREASED debt. FACT.

The Rich --ain't like you & me, They Whine
Ever More... People with millions -Billions say "No" to More? --Practice: 'To those whom Much is given, Much is owed'? --Hire --Share? Then Why: Salvation Army, public pantries, charities and shelters begging for donation?

When Republican Eisenhower was President: what was the top tax rate, after WW II --how much did the rich pay? Their income taxed at eighty-seven percent. 87%

--HOW did WE get Here --rate cut --less than half rate it was???
The Thug & The Dick: blew on the economy, for eight years --on aggressive --on secret deals --on aide to a religion --jobs shipped Off-shore --tax evasion on energy -millionaires -billionaires -corporations --handed off Billions --bailed out Incompetent devious banksters, Wall Street weasels --finished off working Americans --blew and blew till they blew town.

"Deficits don't matter" --to The Dick: as President of Vice went in WH front door his last employer, Haliburton, sent over a check for $34 million. Who knows how much They left with --he and The Thug didn't stick around to put Back -create jobs HERE --Clean Up the mess, They got theirs --left us with a parting gift: $14 Trillion bucks in the hole.

Right-wing TV, radio rabble: rabidly trying to pin it all on the next guy in the door.

1980 - 2008, 28 years - ONLY the Democrat, in the middle, Clinton, Did the math --created a surplus --generated jobs-- Three Republicans President --but the billionaires don't play - pay fair --$1 Trillion debt increased to $14 Trillion

NOW: Deficits Matter --Notice Eerie Silence?
Oily boys, like BP Louisiana dumper: drill OUR oil --don't pay $35 Billion --tax 'break'; mining --'special' tax deals for toxic carbon-producers; ore -water -minerals -asset rights of nation's park assets --pals Profit, at $1. a year, when they remember to pay. But The Dick: now ain't got nothn' to say --all those deals arranged his way... getting a cut each day?

We've heard from: Bill Gates and Warren Buffet --#1 and #2 wealthiest Americans. They: Don't want their taxes reduced.

Where is Oprah?
Winfrey has become a Billionaire pandering to the public --on our air waves --violated Fairness Doctrine, during California election; talks every day, makes Moral Pronouncement about Others --but: Zip to say on lower tax on highest income?

Advertisers pay her millions to run ads. Others do the actual work, She ISN'T digging ditches -running construction --she's sitting for an hour, talking, except summers -holidays. If Winfrey peeled 4% more off her annual Personal income: how long would it take to replace --a month -ten days -two hours?

Wall Street weasels: bailed out by taxpayers, paid themselves millions in "bonus" --CEO Goldman Sachs -Moody's -Merrill Lynch Bank of America Citi Wells Fargo AIG Chase --all the others chasing us, our money --where is their PR statement --rejection of More?

Hedge Fund Managers --can't manage to put back --some???

Chamber of horrors commerce Karl Rove --sly FOX "news" owner Rupert Murdoch --Koch brothers, election smear ads funders --the others? Not a peep outta any on Public Good--they want All the money?

What the Huck --Mike Huckabee, Republican, ex governor of Arkansas, claims to be a preacher -'conservative' --has a 'pulpit' he shows up on sly FOX weekly --says What on Wealthiest Keeping More -NOT contributing to greater good? So far: nothing. --Lip-service 'patriot' --Not smart enough to get it --"religious" in name only? --uh, Something somewhere... rich people -eye of needles....

Steve Forbes --magazine and multi-millions owner --he's "got" to keep it all --while he whines about taxes?

Hell, Where is elephant: Meg Whitman, ex candidate for governor? She clogged our air waves --hourly, for seven months, NOW she's got Nothn' to say --about Keeping more --about fairness --about putting back?

Squatter in California governor office: got there using Oprah, Leno -our air waves -donor mega-millions to screw California out of $11 Billion to help donor --now using seniors -disabled to 'balance' state's books, he The Reason ONLY state denies Food Stamps to seniors, disabled --Where is his Contribution -Refusal to accept cut of his personal income???

Hey, Mike Milken, ex-con junk bond king --secret 'admirer'/backer of Squatter: you and Ken Lay got him to say plenty to get him shoved into Governor seat, shove California into cliff-edge bankruptcy --Lay is dead, where's Your statement refusing to Keep More?

Say, Richard Riordan, ex Mayor of LA --that 24-hour special oh-so-special $15 million 'loan' --worked out OK, for you --now You're going to --Contribute to the pot hole?

Jay Leno: doesn't 'mind' using our air waves to make multi-millions --pimp Republicans --their ghostly books --violate Fairness Doctrine during elections --but publicity -peep on getting Personal tax boost??? --Hiding in closet, again?

LOWER Tax --for Wealthiest? --dumb de de dumb
Truly Ignorant sipping 'tea' claim to want debt reduced --won't give up THEIR benefits, can't do Simple math, don't understand whom they elected -will do them harm

--Emboldened Republicans, so they: blackmailed President Obama?

President 'traded':
-estates under $5 million: tax from 50% down to 35% --Why is that on the table
-wealthiest --won't change back up -pay 4% more on PERSONAL income as per ten-year old law
-newly-unemployed --insurance extended 13 months
-tax on earnings to $250,000: reduced
-the millions without job 99 weeks: get nothing
-Those about to loose home: Nada
-Banks screwing homeowners -denying small-business loans: silence

Bill: Negotiation -'Heads Up' -participation -even particulars outline to Dem. Congress Members: nope. Members: heard about the 'Deal' same as the public. Part of public's -Members' anger about the 'Deal': usual process not followed.

President Obama --didn't ask
--Democrats -unemployed -98% Their say on Giving Rich people More --on Fundamental change -capitulation, coercion --'chomped' promises.

HOW un-daVine --stupid --to go OFF Gold Standard?
We are living the Proof: debt --37 years --living like a drunken sailor --of 'earmarks' secretly written page/bottom on bills already passed --of giveaways to corporations --of 'special' deals for this, that --of 'breaks' on taxes owed --of Wimpy's 'Gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today' style of 'management' --ducking on the tab. 'Tuesday': has arrived.

Have Your Say --Tell the Elephants
Call GOP--Greedy Old Pachyderms--tell their staff what You Think -Want:
look up "Republican" Member from list
this way 2010 House or this way House of Representatives
Contact info here: http://www.gop.gov/

To Call Democrats in Congress: SEE Sidebar ---> 'Local Government'

--Don't call: don't whine, whimper --when community -state -country drops into a hole we will never get out of ...
once Greece was daVine... once Rome ruled the World --now they can't even rule themselves
... once Sun Never Set on vast empire ruled by Great Britian --now can't even rule over university tuition costs --or students rioting in the streets.... $14 Trillion --divided by only 300 million people? Make the calls.

Silver Lake daVine http://silverlakedavine.blogspot.com/

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