TJ's: Worst Day to Shop?

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Pop Quiz
When I'm in a long line sometimes I ask co-waiters: what is the worst day to hit Trader Joe's?

Most say: "Thanksgiving" --fewer pick "Christmas" --few guess New Year's.

Once, after a particularly nasty trip through tough crowd in the parking lot, the doors opened, my jaw dropped. People were standing with their backs to the door --the line snaked to the back wall and looped around again --at every check-out register. I didn't get it --TJ's having a first-ever sale --fire in the 'hood --every person in LA suddenly got hunger pangs? Not a tuned-in 'hipster' type, I didn't get it, Why was TJ's packed? I fled.

What would you say?
True, the days before Christmas, especially if overlap with Hanukkah, get 'cramped.' But The Worst Day to shop in Trader Joe's? Your guess? Everyone: wrong.

It's Indescribable How Hungry City of the Angels get for the munchies: Super Bowl Sunday.

TJ's in Silver Lake --daVine, but No exception: gonna be looong time till you get back home. Shop ahead --order in --home chef --or Believe it: take your patience, sense of humor with your recycle bags.

--don't say you weren't warned.

Best Beer? 00ii00Dos Equis --dark (green is blah), no other as good
Best Pizza? i-iiii00TJ's --small ones in red box -two, microwaveable 00000000000000000000000--unbelievably tasty;
runner up: 000iiii0 TJ's whole wheat --roll dough, add garlic, tomato 0000000000000000000000000000sauce, mushroom, olive, red onion, spinach, feta
Best Dip Sauce? -iBob's Bleu cheese or Bob's Thousand Island 0000000000000000000000000000salad dressing (Ralph's, Von's +$1)
Best Wings? 0ii00None, they're all lousy --all cheap chicken: toxic 000000000000000000000000000 farmed-raised, tasteless
Best Chips? 0iii00TJ's 'ruffled' lightly salted --it's Kettle brand, less $
Best Dessert? -iii0TJ's Bon Bon --tiny vanilla or chocolate ice cream atop 000000000000000000000000cookie, chocolate covered (sells out, hit freezer First)
runner up: 00i000-Cutie -ice cream sandwich, soy --quarter for crowd
Best Extras? 0i00Nuts TJ --cashew, almond or walnut:0nuts, butter in 00000000000000000000000000skillet, sprinkle cinnamon, toss
0000000000i0i00Cheese Vermont white extra sharp --2 lb, $10 -Von's
00000000000000Olives black -jumbo pitted, Calif. $.99 Store; green 000000000000000000000000000000-pimento-stuffed: $3.19, Ralph's

Bon Appetite, Happy New Year from Silver Lake daVine

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