daVine December Fun: Silver Lake Pt III

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Silver Lake daVine Events

check back frequently for Up-dates - verify event before plans

What you can do to save birds: bird-friendly outdoor space - Count where you are in December - Finch Winter Watch - get a free calendar - join Los Angeles Audubon

Art, Books, Music, Games, Exercise, Lectures, more: Griffith Park rec Adult Center - categories -December activities - Lunch menu

Collaboration of art: "Pacific Standard Time" - ever assembled in California, possibly US --celebration of Los Angeles Art 1945 - 1980 --68 cultural institutions - offering any form of art -exhibition -workshop -play -interaction October 2011 - March 2012 --beach to desert, Santa Barbara to San Diego: Bookmark open link to see each day's events

Echo Park Film Center: December schedule

Nightly - December: 25 Days of Christmas --cheery alternative to amateur desperate, blood -gore -guns -murder -mayhem twisted trash of Hollywoodsters --classics, traditional, Harry Potter to newer Christmas films --nightly starts around 7, 8 pm - good for children to Boomers - Family channel ( SEE far-right column) - or schedule for each week

Daily - Annual Winter Downtown on Ice: Open until January 16 - Pershing Square, downtown Los Angeles
Daily: ice Skating
Week days: Holiday Lunchtime Live music concerts - free
December 10: Holiday Winter Festival
Nightly: December 12 - 23 12 Nights of Christmas - free

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13 Tuesday
Arts & Crafts
Fun for children: crafts - free - Silver Lake

Capitol festivities: National Christmas Tree Lighting with President Obama & First family, Washington DC -tree: came from California this year - PBS

Hear: photography - lecture with Annie Leibovitz - reservation required - ALOUD - for advance notice and guaranteed seat: join

14 Wednesday
Auction to December 15
No, not Elizabeth Taylor's mega-million jewels, Michael Jackson's rented furniture: Robert F. Kennedy Foundation Auction to support Justice and Human Rights --bid on a one-of-a-kind vintage Woody, celebrity chef lunch in Harlem, walk-on part/visit TV -movie shoots, art by Picasso -Peter Max -others, dine in Malibu with Martin Sheen, Napa spa, host ten friends museum dinner, VIP tickets to Jon Stewart Daily Show taping, lunch with financial wizards Paul Volker -Mort Zukerman + two, Vatican treasures tour & the Pope, many more - highlights - bidding: most close December 15 - register

Christmas Count Sign-up: Begins - choose registration area --Page 7 for Los Angeles -Malibu - Audubon - before December 31: each dollar Donated will be matched, $25 will receive membership benefits - The Big Year, Steve Martin

15 Thursday
The Thug & The Dick Invasion mission 'accomplished' in Iraq for NO Security reason, to benefit their contractsters and oily pals: D-O-N-E --Over, no matter what drivel war-lovers, right-wingers, Democrat-haters blather because:
The Thug & The Dick End-date Agreement with Iraq government: December 31, 2011
2. Iraq President refused to extend Occupation of US military
3. Barack Obama campaign vow to end the stupid war: Kept his word
Americans will exit Iraq --except for nearly 4,500 Americans killed, 32,800+ wounded, nearly 4,000 contractsters --we still pay, and some diplomats year-end - Today: formal ceremony, low-key, end of US military involvement in Iraq

Event at Mark Taper: holiday sing-along, free - 7 PM - library, downtown - Map (can't get it open -glitch and not listed where it should be/any links, sheesh)

16 Friday
Mobile Movie
You know you miss it, can't get through the holidays without it: It's a Wonderful Life --thanks to Echo Park Film Center --mobile supplier, but location: not so easy --sign up/they'll say day before via twitter @EPFCFilmmobile or call: 213.484.8846 --with cake! Free - will accept donation

17 Saturday
Three-hour Knit Bomb for experienced and novice knitters - Craft & Art Folk Museum

You + any to bring: join in to sing holiday songs -morning, or afternoon - Disney Hall, downtown [ --haven't got a clue what this costs or if free... check it for yourself --sheesh, between stupid 'up-grades' and "tech" dummy booting non-stop nothing going right]

18 Sunday
2 - 5 pm Marine Foundation: Winter Wonderland donation party to benefit children who may not get anything for Christmas - donation: bring a ($15) toy, unwrapped -enjoy music, bites & sips, see Santa - free - Toys for Tots - LAFD: 13197 Fountain Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90094

Workshop: Boundary Pageant #1 - free - Machine Project, Silver Lake

Semi-traditional and local: A Charlie Brown Christmas followed by A Contemporary Nutcracker - Atwater Village Theater

19 Monday
'Official' Holiday
The Moneypit, AKA Los Angeles City Council: started ducking City Hall last week, but as of today they are 'officially' on vacation --off to spend some of the nearly $1/4 Million we pay --so they can play; Council staff, the people who do the actual work of the public: offices will close December 23 --reopen December 27;
Republican members -House of Representatives: haven't done Any work all year, now refusing to pass last Bill --Unemployment Insurance extension, Payroll Tax cut for those who DO work =
Tax Increase
Millionaires: Tax cuts --dozens -allowed to stand - Republicans to go home and do more nothing

Mycological Society: Truffles in Context - Mushroom club
Monthly meeting - Nat History Museum

Help Save birds: sign up for Christmas Bird Count where you are in December - Los Angeles Audubon

Nightly - December 12 - 23: 12 Nights of Christmas - Winter Downtown on Ice- free - Skating rink
- Pershing Square

20 Tuesday
Help Save birds: sign up for Christmas Bird Count where you are - December - Los Angeles Audubon

Post Office: mail by today to assure delivery by Christmas - then tell Rep. (R) Darrell Issa: repeal laws passed in 2006 crushing -bankrupting the Post office - Republicans forcing USPS to fund 75 years of benefits --in next ten years, no Private corporation forced to do that - contact Issa: Stop Trying to Kill Post Office
-Tweet him: http://twitter.com/#!/darrellissa
-E-mail him: http://www.issaforcongress.com/
If you think it's not important/doesn't affect you: next year
millions of Americans
NOT able to Vote -prevent Vote-by-Mail --won't receive Voter Pamphlet -gifts, cards, invitations, statements --meds --movies timely: close local Post Offices -fire thousands of employees -shut sorting/delivery facilities in Los Angeles --End delivery Every address - Contact Issa TODAY

Matinee: Lawrence of Arabia --view original trailer of this no-females blue-eyed hero-worship about Arabs and war and Arabs --in lots and lots of sand - Peter O’Toole, Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn, Claude Rains -director David Lean -true story makes it a mystery, long one at 222 minutes - usually $2 but listed free - no reservation necessary - Bing Theater - map

Got a beard? Mustache? Sign up: Beard and Mustache Competition, today - several categories - prizes - Silver Lake library

Live, un-sugary Deck the Halls: A Swingin' Christmas - Disney Hall - downtown

Nightly - December 12 - 23: 12 Nights of Christmas - Winter Downtown on Ice - Skating rink - Pershing Square

Jewish celebration Festival of Light - First night - of eight - sundown

21 Wednesday
Today "official" beginning of winter: Winter Solstice... except last year: record-setting snow fell across US --in September, remember? This year flood -fierce wind September -October -November... oh well, whine about tobacco --while 70,000 airplane flights a day dump 271 Million toxic pounds each year --massive carbon dump on the planet is changing weather --climate, definition of winter... and Republicans just de-funded lower-carbon light bulbs --oil & coal-producing billionaire Koch brothers, Republican-donors, massively fat & happy... paper towels? Any brand but Koch-owned Brawny

Help Save birds: sign up for Christmas Bird Count where you are - in December - Los Angeles Audubon

The Friends Of offering opportunity for Green gift: used book sale - Edendale library

Nightly - December 12 - 23: 12 Nights of Christmas - Winter Downtown on Ice
- free - Skating rink - Pershing Square

Jewish celebration Festival of Light - Second night - of eight - at sundown

22 Thursday
Help Save birds: sign up for Christmas Bird Count where you are in December - Los Angeles Audubon

Jewish celebration Festival of Light - Third night - of eight - at sundown

If you can't stand any more holiday -it's winter in LA -it's hockey time: LA Kings Vs. Anaheim Ducks - Staples

Make popcorn - how to know For Sure Christmas here soon: CORRECTION A Charlie Brown Christmas --first up something called Prep & Landing --then at 9 PM: I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown - description, listing - kabc

Nightly - December 12 - 23: 12 Nights of Christmas - Winter Downtown on Ice - free - Skating rink - Pershing Square, downtown Los Angeles

23 Friday
Help Save birds: sign up December Christmas Bird Count where you are - Los Angeles Audubon

Jewish celebration Festival of Light - Fourth night - of eight - sundown --Happy Chanukah!

Last night: 12 Nights of Christmas - Winter Downtown on Ice - free - Skating rink - Pershing Square

24 Saturday

Help Save birds: sign up for December Christmas Bird Count where you are - Los Angeles Audubon

The Annual All-time Los Angeles Christmas Concert of concerts - free - downtown

Jewish celebration Festival of Light - Fifth night - of eight - sundown

Ride: go anywhere on Metro all you want - Metro - tonight free: 9 PM until 2 AM

25 Sunday
Every thing in Los Angeles closed except: LAX, movie theaters, hotel bars, Chinese restaurants, churches --Happy Christmas!

Weatherman does holiday lights: replay of nightly home holiday decorations around So Cal since December 1st - 7 am --too early? Catch repeat: 10 AM - knbc

December 26 to January 2: NO
LA City Sweepers on local Streets --DOT will NOT enforce parking restrictions --if you get a ticket: take it to Appeal court -fight and you'll win - everything back to usual: January 3, 2012

January 1 Sunday
No Roses
First day of New Year: NO Tournament of Roses Parade --though this supposedly a no-religion favoritism country, board o Pasadena Rose Parade doesn't see it that way, they "honor" Christian religion --and a 100+ year promise "not to scare horses parked in front of churches" --no horses & carriages anymore? Too bad, bow down to one religion, screw Jewish Sabbath, Muslim holy day, everyone else --No Parade, No Rose Bowl Game today --all will be 'allowed' to celebrate: on 2nd day of January

Ice skating rink - skate rental, parking underground - Downtown, Pershing Square

Open /Closed Today
Wherever you usually go --today, national holiday: assume it's closed --except: Griffith Observatory -The Pantry downtown never closes, ever, just get in line -LA County Museum of Art -neighborhood movie theaters -Pacific Dining Car open 24-hrs if you still have any money -prominent hotels bars & restaurants, like Biltmore, downtown -Roosevelt, Hollywood

January 8: MUSIC
--December concerts sold out - Da Camera Society: Mozart, Moscow String Quartet - at 1930 Spanish-Colonial Mermaid estate

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