Silver Lake Week-end 3-18-11: So So daVine

If you are in Silver Lake --anywhere nearby: as soon as you finish reading this get thee to food --grocery store, food-to-go favorite PRONTO.

First, if you haven't checked page/bottom -
: there will be full --very big shiny bright moon, happens once every twenty years, do have a look.

Before that, in the 'hood:
Saturday, March 19: if you're one of twenty to RSVP
Machine Project is having a cool meditation do -
11 am to 5 pm
check to see if you're a lucky sort Machine Project

at 8 PM - Lecture on: Meditative Chant
of skylight notdoings
at: Machine Project

Next: it's going to rain, hard --all day, night Sunday, March 20. Not assuming you will melt -freak because of bit of water-works. But it's going to rain while people who, my opinion, don't understand basic concept --running for a reason.

So if you haven't seen "Events" -page/bottom
Sunday is Running for No Good Reason day, aka: Los Angeles Marathon, 2011 version.

Marathon mini-minds tweaked the route this year --race-without-a-reason
Begins at dawn in: Dodger Stadium --hits Chinatown --downtown --sashays back up along Sunset to Hollywood, and on and on --clogging streets -cars -regular life, errands, dates, fun all the way to the beach.

~taDa Silver Lake: will be closed --for the week-end, cuz, of course, they shut down streets long before nobody-chasing-them crowd runs through.

But, gee If those people are so hot to run, in the rain, Why, somebody -anybody, please, can't they do it in the round -in the oval in UCLA -Olympic --Rosebowl --Santa Monica City College stadium--or back/forth at the beach???

Really... people doing the running --aren't doing any sight-seeing; people sidelined on the sidelines Already know how LA looks, What is the Point --running through Los Angeles, disrupting residents, business owners, buses???

Is it a money=maker: ticket unwanted parked cars? Ah well, I ask, every year, nobody answers, listens.

Since the getting out of the 'hood still won't be easy PM, if you wanna go to the movies
daVine Silver Lake movie destination--
Sunday, March 20 - 7:30 PM: LA Filmforum Presents
with filmmaker
at local Silver Lake 'bijou': Echo Park Film Center

Ergo if you don't go for food grab now: nobody will be delivering To --you won't be going Fro till Monday. So: Shop now, shop well, shop fast --or expect to go door-to-door --in the rain --begging for b -l -d and snacks, until Monday. --You won't be leaving SL unless you're well-endowed bicycle-wise, or you're among the AWOL crowd from Great White Way's "Spiderman" cast.

Don't be a turkey, Look up --from indoors, breathe, snuggle in with good read and good groceries and bon appetite --till the madness moves past.

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If you want to Really Know --what's going on--
Japan --Yemen --Libya --DC --Wisconsin --Ohio --everywhere:
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Calendar -events SEE: Page/bottom

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