What Would Make Downtown Los Angeles: More daVine?

As daVine as Silver Lake is, we --everyone still needs -wants to go downtown, sometimes. But downtown IS lacking things... like?

DC --far away, full of nuts
VERY hard to Change what goes/doesn't in DC but: What do You want Here --see --do --eat --have in downtown, Los Angeles? Should there be a revival movie house showing classics --reruns? How about a good stationers --really want brand "x" clothing boutique --hot for a certain shoe -hat -suit shop? Want one Great Italian -Jewish deli -- giant Trader Joe's --fresh produce --cheap parking --outdoor cafe --private club allows smoking --tango dancing --old-fashioned ice cream parlor --Other idea?

For a change: YOU can have your say --actually influence what to Add.
Want to do that? Here's your chance --until Sunday April 10, 2011. --You're out-of-state -country visitor --only occasional visitor to downtown? No matter: you can have your say also.

click this: by Sunday April 10, 2011


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