LA Gadabout Garcetti -Parked Parks -Both Ways Huizar & Co: "Perk"?

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Council District 13 -Silver Lake, our very own prince: Eric Garcetti surveys his realm, drives anywhere -any time -any day --for camera face-time over any body's shoulder; pops up on pop's TV show, the dumped ex DA; imparts to his minions he's "working hard" for a DASH --but prince Eric 'forgot' to mention --past four years DASH dashes elsewhere via the real DASH decision-maker; to any media still listening: his 'concern' about City's debt.

But prince of pacts: salary -car -gas -telephone -staff -rent -supplies -$100,000 "discretionary" account -"expense" account -pension -perks: cost us well over $3/4 Million -EVERY year --for the "Working" hard? --puts in 'whopping' 2 1/2 days a week --well the ones he doesn't take Fridays off.

Though prince Eric's palace is in Silver Lake, he's ever busy, but has ever turned down a meeting --with a developer with a checkbook? He Doesn't turn up at Town Hall meetings --Neighborhood Council board meetings --sub-committee meeting --SL Improvement meetings --any place where community might demand: return of power swiped by LA City Council --no thanks to 'goodfella' Garcetti.

If you ever do catch up to him: thank the prince for the 10% monthly tax --slapped on your any-kind telephone --permanently forever, which oops doesn't pay for "cops, paramedics, fire fighters" as pre-election advertised, but goes straight into "General" dipping pool. Oh you forgot about "Measure B"? Prince Eric: counting on your short attention span --next year.

"President" prince of public dole: wants to pork up --for another four years, next year. If you stop him: he wants to move over --squat office of "Mayor." I will help him do either: on the 12th of never.

No Thanks to Ignorant 51%
Los Angelenos got the bad news after the last election, we're Stuck: 'bitter Bernie' Parks is B-A-C-K, four more years. Pop Quiz: Who can name Single thing he's done for community -Los Angeles? --Even ONE event generated by Parks posted on his website past EIGHT years? Well he has given out one job to a local: his own kid --on his "staff." Help with a community problem, ya Gooood luck with that, Parks is on "idle."

He used to fly --on our dollars --in search of his holy grail: 'desperately needed' football team --till City Auditor cut him off.

Search for --textbooks --retention of students, teachers --up-grade of math -science -excellence in schools --poor children OUT of prison? Not on Bitter Bernie's radar. Parks: Always on 'park.'

Membership --manipulation/extortion -Explosion of gangs --children, his own grandchild full of gang bullets: oh well? Parks: on "park."

City Debt --doubled?
Parks heads City Council "Oversight" committee but he "forgot" to oversee: expired contract --renewal or RFP from other collection agencies. --oopsie, Multi-millions owed by customers who failed to pay their bill --DWP: can NEVER collect thanks to "council" member Parks.

Always on park Parks, now that gangsters keeping DWP money, his "plan" to deal with massive debt? Oh Parks wants to furlough cops... that should make some Happy....

His 'plan B': he tried to "regulate" no, not gangs, tobacco --in apartment buildings --neither he nor the City owns. His Council co-workers: got slammed with So many complaint calls, his stupidity died quiet death.

But gosh, where was Parks parked:
when LAPD, Chief Beck handed out grocery cards for guns, again, before Mother's Day? Why wasn't bitter Bernie marching with families: recent demand End to gun violence? ...hmmm...

Gangsters... ever had a better friend? hmmm... say, what did Parks college tuition cost? How did it get paid...?

Over 300,000 still wondering--
when they asked --pleaded --begged Parks to Get Involved-- after Joe Huizar (rhymes with "geezer") decided shortest distance between his $24k paycheck and $1/4 Million paycheck was through last important landmark in Los Angeles: Ambassador Hotel.

Though the Ambassador Hotel was in the District 'ruled' by Parks: he failed to make phone call ONE, lift finger --do Thing One to stop opportunist Huizar from using his position, head of Los Angeles School bored, to destroy the hotel --"build" a school --atop toxic waste "found" after demolition, but not in, duh, EIR.

Huizar used one face:
to tell ignorant parents their 'kids would get a school' but omitted mentioning HOTEL could have been converted into: magnificent REVENUE-producing school where children could learn history IN historic place; families -teachers could have had low-income condos; LAUSD --a place to put up visiting teachers FREE; ballroom: revenue-producer rented for events like proms, awards ceremonies, meetings, etc.

With his other face: Joe Huizar told preservationists 'parents didn't want to "save" the hotel' --and 'get lost' --while he endured hundreds who represented hundreds of thousands who spoke -publicly begged -called the Bored --to save the hotel.

Huizar: "forgot" to tell local parents the demolished hotel/new construction wouldn't be done in time for their children to attend even high school.

When LA Conservancy volunteers walked the neighborhood, told parents the Whole story: parents converted immediately, even elderly wanted to save the hotel.

Without a word out of gadfly Garcetti, always-on-park Park--
Too late: Huizar played games, cards.... Magnificent Art Deco host to kings -presidents -bathing beauties -Hollywood royalty, Olympic swimmers, Marilyn Monroe --California Primary winner Bobby Kennedy's last appearance --everyone's grandparents who dined, danced, debated 1920s to 1980s: destroyed.

But, thanks to dumb "voters": Huizar's butt, both faces went up on LA City Council. Really Ignorant Eastsiders: just handed both of his faces another four years on their/our dole.

I have written about the three do-nothings, Garcetti, Parks, Huizar many times past several years. Did you notice the sound of silence that streamed out of LA City 'Council' when Bell City hogs got tied?

What I haven't written: newest drill-down of how they use position --to step on the rest of us. Bloated pay-checks --pensions --perks aren't enough for the Do Nothings.

Go for the Gold
Greed --gangsters --guns
--goodies --good life for them, taxes -trouble for us....
When the 'council' get off their butts --out of taxpayer paid cars: they went to the golden 'parachute' window --to get Parking Tickets passed off.

Los Angeles --Silver Lake not daVine --sunlight Reveals
IF latest from Auditor Wendy Greuel: not Enough to keep you from ever voting for one of these Greedy gofers EVER again, then WHY are you even reading this website?

May 19, 2011
To view the complete report, click here.


LADOT misses revenue opportunities due to insufficient policies and poor contract oversight

(Los Angeles) – Continuing her efforts to save taxpayer money and reduce waste in City Hall, Controller Greuel released her audit today assessing the effectiveness of the City’s parking citation process and whether the City is collecting payments for these citations. This is the second in a series of audits that closely investigates the policies and procedures used by the City’s Department of Transportation (DOT) to make Los Angeles a better place to live and conduct business. This audit found plenty of room for improvement.

Due to DOTs inability to investigate contested citations within their own required 240 day time period, valid tickets are being dismissed, and unnecessarily costing the city money. The audit found City failed to collect $557,000 in administrative fees and penalties related to expired registrations stickers and vehicles with no evidence of registration, $328,000 of which could have been money in the City’s coffers.

"We can’t afford to leave money on the table when it comes to collecting revenue,” said City Controller Wendy Greuel.

The audit found the City lost potential revenue when it did not pursue collections from protective plate holders who failed to pay their citations. Certain public employees are exempted from having their address appear in DMV’s records – instead, only their respective employment agency appears. While the Controller supports safeguarding the personal addresses of the public employees whose information is protected, DOT issued over 15,000 tickets to those employees, totaling $850,000 over two years. Prior to the end of 2009, DOT did not pursue these citations because it did not have a listing of contacts for the various public agencies.

“Not having the list of contacts at these public agencies is no excuse.Protective plates are intended are to protect privacy for the safety of certain public employees -- not a ‘get out of jail free’ card for parking violators,” said Controller Greuel.

LADOT utilizes a contractor to operate the City’s parking violations bureau. The contract provides for the vendor to be paid based on the number of citations processed but it doesn’t specify whether voided transactions – those that are never issued at all – should be included in that count. Since 2006, LADOT has paid over $440,000 in fees related to voided citations.

“Paying for tickets that are nonexistent is ridiculous and an unnecessary waste of money,” said Controller Greuel. “The DOT should ask for a refund for those voided tickets.”

The audit also revealed that the DOT established a Gold Card Desk for the Mayor and Council to expedite the review of parking citations. During the two year audit period, DOT cancelled approximately 1,000 tickets without any specific policies to guide the review of these citations.

Controller Greuel was not aware of the Gold Card Desk during her tenure as a Councilmember, and was surprised to learn that such a V.I.P. process existed for a select few. Controller Greuel commented, “You shouldn’t need political pull to expedite the investigation of a ticket. There ought to be a fair and equal process for examination of all contested citations.” She is calling for DOT to shut down the Gold Card Desk altogether.

Over a two year period, DOT issued approximately 5.7 million citations over two fiscal years from 2008 to 2010. Approximately one third of citations are paid in full upon the motorists’ receipt of the citation on their vehicle’s windshield. However, $272 million in parking citations over a five year period needs to be written off because it is no longer eligible for collections. “If the Department is issuing tickets but not collecting outstanding citations, we clearly have a larger problem,” stated Controller Greuel. “If motorists can get away without paying tickets, we can’t expect them to change their law-breaking behavior either.”

So How Many tickets: will Prince Garcetti fix for You, Silver Lake constituent? Call prince "president" Eric: ask him How Many tickets he got by-passed? WHAT would City deficit be NOW: if all those tickets had been PAID?

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