Silver Lake Summer Fun --daVine

We don't seem to be having just good old summer fun... the dysfunctional are trying for a coup... somebody better cover the asylum doors...

-Desperate & Delusional Tea-sipping
Does one have to be ignorant --illogical --uneducated --loony --last one picked for school sports to be member of the Tea Party? They want their SS -SSI -Vet check to keep rolln' in --and to lower Debt Ceiling boom on everyone else while they eat that cake, sip whatever....

The "ideal" candidate ran in the election for 36th District--beach to Palos Verdes--and ran his little self in circles. Did you see his uh TV ad --Tea Party PAC claimed his opponent a pole dancer, the devil who sprung convicts to help? sheesh...
Where are the smart, moderate Republicans --why are they letting Tea-sippers run the asylum? Their loss --July 12: Janice Hahn goes to Washington, ASAP.

One down, 47 to go --to get adults/sanity back in the House

the person who bought the team --seems to expect to 'shake' their pockets for ready Lifestyle cash --for himself --wife, team-lovers, announcer 'free' to buzz off.
While he 'rounded up' religious baseball fans to sing in his praise choir at the front, in the back: he legalesed the stadium --the parking --all the parts into separate parcels, to make buying him off, uh, pricey, before waltzing into court hoping to seduce a judge into letting him continue the blood-letting, so anyone who dares to purchase --will need large quantities of Bayer's best.
Happily, by-passing the preachers, Mr. Bud Selig, the conductor in real charge of baseball, declared Mr. McCrud's gravy train is pulling into the station --Frank will step off, no matter What. Whew.

Can somebody please explain: how, why anyone "needs" seven houses? McCrud's next bankruptcy court appearance: July 20 --followed by August 4 (?)

-Meanwhile back at the rodeo
The 15 who supposedly represent the People in Los Angeles, at $190k salary plus EACH, can figure out how to cut EVERY agency -department -labor force, but NOT their own have hit on another 'brilliant' cost-cutter:
LA City Line 311
--July 19, 2011 will change hours to: 8 am to 4:30 pm daily (includes weekends, holidays)
from 7 am to 10 pm till then.

I worked it out: if every person on staff working for a City Council member is paid $25k annually plus rent -phones -cars -gas -expense account, etc., e.g., Eric Garcetti: costs us $860,000 annually... x 15 --and silly you wondered why LA is drowning in debt? --How many do you suppose are willing to work all those hours for $25k/Minimum Wage?

Da Mayor: has cut his own salary and staff --he is paid far less than "council" crones....

-Lying Spying Greed --All Good
How else can you build a media empire --oh yes, you can also pay cops, politicians and regulators to get "scoops"--for your underwear-sniffers to do "inside" stories on people who once snubbed you, on families of war-dead vets, on murder victims' friends, on bombed train commuters, on family of 13-year old murdered girl. Hey, if the girl's phone gets full: make room for more juicy messages --delete the old.

--And get Really Dumb Americans: to borrow money --$8 BILLION bucks last year, to make up the amount NOT paid so you not only don't pay any taxes, you get a "refund." America, so cool. Then get "reporters" to whine about the greedy, needy unemployed who keep wanting groceries -shelter -live 'off others' --America, so cool or not, just ship money to lobbyists to Congress to keep those tax "breaks" coming.

Rupert Murdoch
--if his "empire" NOT your cup of Tea: do more than fume --demand SEC and Dept. of Justice open investigations --on trying to bribe New York cops for phone numbers of 9/11 families -spying -hacking cell phones AND land lines --12,000+ in England -billion-dollar profits but $0 taxes paid -Who does know what else: sign Petition

--Don't want to petition government to investigate NOW?
YOU don't mind --if ONE billionaire owns more TV -newspapers -mags -websites -DirectTV cable outlets than anyone else? Then don't whine when Rupert and his sycophants, fake reporters distort news --DON'T inform, tell the whole truth --come after You
--if something happens to pitch you into spotlight. When they hack your cell, sniff your underwear: don't say you weren't warned.

-Red Light district
If nobody opens their mouth --says, does a thing before July ends: rental contract for snapping pictures of drivers in intersections will die --July 31. Amen.
Now: let's get DOT to step up and extend yellow lights --Minimum one second and
Red lights: simultaneous red all directions
--plenty of data shows THOSE work/cut down on crashes -dummies who run red lights --WON'T cost $2 Million bucks every year and can happen ALL over not just 32 intersections, plus 'council' crones won't 'violate' their own 'pledge' not to do biz with any Arizona corp.

Well, if we don't look--
--we still have plenty of summer to enjoy --no, don't look east, it will seriously depress you, August 2 --drop-dead debt ceiling deadline...unless you're a loon --or you think run on banks reduxe would be...amusing....

Food Tasting, Farmers Market - July 12
sells out -order ticket before July 2

Food & Power Dining in Ancient Rome - 9 am July 1:
lecture & four-course outdoor dinner feast, July 14 - Getty Villa

1-3 - Shakespeare Festival, Griffith Park
2 - Film: What is Electric Car, free, SL
- Dinosaur Encounter, NH Museum
- Archery Class, free, Pasadena00i
- to July 4th 11 pm: Tipsy Tow Free
3 - Workshop: Gourd Canteen, MP0i0
- Concert: classical music, free, LA

- Independence Day crackers!000
- Fireworks, SoCal: SEE tab aboveF

- Baseball: Dodgers vs Mets Home-
- Fireworks Dodger Stadium 00-0-
- Sing on the Porch, Machine Project
- Fireworks, Hall & Oats Hwd Bowl
6 - Neighborhood Council: Board Meet
- Fireworks, Dodger Stadium-000
8 - Duke & Duchess of Cambridge: LA-
9 - Green Fair LA -organic produce, solar, wind, fashion, recycling Day, LA Trade Tech 00
9 & 10 - Lotus Festival returns! Echo Park Lake
10 - Workshop: Intro to Welding, MP0000
12 - Artist lecture + films, LA Library00-0
13 - Reception, Members NH Museum0---
14 - Thursday Art Walk, downtown000000
- Dino Dance Party, NH Museum000-
15 - CLOSED: #405 WLA -Fri to Tue0-0
- Concert: Rock Music, LA Zoo0------
16 - OPEN Library begins Sunday hours0-
- Outdr Film Food Fest Office Space, 9th/hope
17 - Bastille Day Festival, Elysian Park 00-
20 - McCourt, Dodgers: bankruptcy courti-
--to August: Downtown Walking Tour
21 - Mixer, Silver Lake Chamber 000i000
22 - Fireworks, Dodger Stadium Home000
23 - B Movie & Bad Science, LaBreaTarPits
25 - Concert - free, Vermont Ave.000000-
29 - Ride Bike to Work Friday000000000
- Fireworks
, Dodger Stadium Home-
30 -
Faery Hunt, reserve, Griffith Park00-
- Workshop: make straw hat, MP0--
- Used Books sale, SL Library Friends
- Scavenger Safari, ticket, NHMuseum

3 - First Fridays Club, Hist. Museum00
4 - Outdoor Film Food Fest000000000
11 - Film: Vincent Price's 100th0000-00
18 - Faery Hunt, Griffith Park20000000
20 - K. Olbermann premier, Current TV
21 - Solstice - "official" start of Summer!
- OPEN - Observatory Tuesdays, summer
23 - H. Howser+, bar, hot dogs, Library-
----------to 26 - LA Film Festival, LA ----0000-
24 - Filmmobile College, Keaton, EPFC0-
---- Baseball: Dodgers vs Angels, Home0
- Charles Phoenix event, downtown
25 - Archery Class, free, Pasadena-00-0i
- Leimert Park Village Book Fair, LA
- Baseball Dodgers vs Angels, Home
- Lake Walking Tour, Echo Park-0
--- Member Tour, Gardens & LA Zoo-
-- Concert Apple II! Machine Project
26 - Fine Art Prints Fair & Exhibit, SHG-
- Taco & Music Festival, Boyle Hts-
- Only day: Castle Green Tour, Pas
27 - SL Improvement Assoc Annual Meet
28 - Free Movie maybe --Must: RSVP0i0
- Teen: Summer Film Fest, Library
- Matinee Alice in Wonderland $2, LA
29 - Sale Used books, Edendale Library00
- Toddler storytime, puppets Library
- Baseball Dodgers vs Angels, Home
30 - Shakespeare Festival, Griffith Park0-
- Reading: Ulysses, James Joyce, SL
- Apply: Dinosaur Social MeetUp, NHM

Where are the Good Fireworks? SEE: tab/above

Calendar - Events, Fun, Happenings - SEE: page/bottom --every month

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