Solar Panels --Rebate --daVine

Searching for one thing, as usual, found another...

MAYBE if I sat in a room somewhere all day: I could Keep Up. Dunno where that room is... Los Angeles water pipes are 100+ years old, rusted --and, last I heard: DWP asked city for small, 2.5% rate hike from All to replace the ancient things, that weren't meant to last this long.

If you saw the CEO of DWP on Conan Nolan, KNBC --only reason to turn on any local station, he made excellent case --for replacement and rate.

City "council" --said "nope" no rate increase, 'happy with ancient pipes, thanks.' Well, with their salary, I guess they can afford to have plumbers on speed-dial. But: Remember burst-pipe afternoon mess at Sunset x Silver Lake few years ago --through rush hour, it was crazy fun....

So we should expect: pipe repair --as they burst. okey-dokey, Swell.

Maybe City "council" geniuses
could do another "water conservation plan" --that bursts all pipes all over LA at the same time... we could watch DWP crews runaround like headless chickens ...shower outdoors --and send water-spout photos to "governor" Ricky of Texas on his national Christian Mission to crush government, while back home thirsty desperate Texans search for water --far from donor-pal's nuclear waste dump... tell him to 'eat his heart out.'

Meanwhile, mystifying Los Angeles DWP - Announcement: Solar Installation --Rebate

But, uh, if DWP
Doesn't have Enough money to repair sorta Important water pipes... if DWP needs up to two Years to refund the "error" they charged customers who had private garbage collection --how/why do they have Enough to give Rebate for Solar Panels --resident & commercial?

I give up. If you got the answer: please share.

Oh Well, to have solar panels on your Silver Lake manse, ducky, here's a deal:
Residential Solar Incentive Program
Begins: September 1, 2011 at 10 am (uh, nobody in at 8 -9 am --they keep banker's hours?)

DWP has:
revised "incentive levels" --speedy application & details --even a "flow chart" -for your contractor complete with migraine-inducing list of permits/people who will care...
better call contractor now --panels could be up before "city management" --drought --Christian Mission hit Silver Lake... you'll want your electric meter going backwards --daVine....

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