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We got no silly shake --putrid "prosecutor" --held-up highways headed outta town --no Goodnight Irene here --for Once we're Not in the news, we got no blues, we're Fine... Yeah, daVine.

No street-clogging foul "Fair" --we got Great Griffith... tot-traveling trains... put up a picnic... take in a taco... loop over to library (blog/right) ...find a Farmer's market (Food- blog/right)... snag some snapdragons and: Earthquake kit (yup, you're gonna need, some day)

...we got Plenty o' Sunshine, zippidy do-dah... we got some Summer left! Make the Most... in Silver Lake daVine

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2011 Verify before going
~Sunset Junction Annual Street Fair Week-end
--OFF, No Permit --ON, Got partial payment --UPDATE: Canceled --Silver Lakers can celebrate this week-end --block by block, shops Open --grab your bike & Go --no stages, no noise -hordes -garbage -stranded residents, blocked garages, yippee --hey they had all year to pay fees owed
~Dodgers Vs Who cares
Fan Strike: Fan-organized Boycott --go fans! Hey, McCourt: buy a Clue
Summer Night Festival
-Food, food trucks, events, Chinese food! Free walk-about
Outdoor Cinema Food fest
--food trucks, fun, this one: Hollywood
~"B-Movies and Bad Science"
They're baaack, showing: "One Million Years B.C." (1966) - Free, LaBrea Tar Pits!
Martin Luther King statue dedication, Washington, DC -on C-SPAN UPDATE Canceled --east coast hurricane
Twenty restaurants: slapping down pancakes, LA Weekly breakfast to benefit LA Food Bank, $25 -Downtown
Eclectic offerings, conversation, last Sunday monthly, LAVA, Clifton Cafeteria
In the park: Hamlet -blanket, picnic, children welcome, free -arrive very early, Griffith Park
~6th Anniversary
Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana - Army Corps of Engineers incompetence - New Orleans Police corruption -"Heckofa job Browny" FEMA head (via Party 'donations') dork disgrace -Republican-enabled oily boys' ecological destruction exposed
Opening: The Debt --from trailer film looks excellent & junk-season finally finished
Outdoor Annual Bluegrass Concert -open for all pickers, listeners -free, Ford Theater
Stories, activities -Free includes marshmallows & fire, bring blanket -LA River --lol, is this cool or what, I'd say: 'New Yorkers, with dinky Central Park, eat yr heart out' but they already got enough grief
Wine + Jazz, courtyard, Hollywood

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2011 - Verify before going
Langer Equestrian Horse Show - 1 -5, LA Equestrian Center, Griffith Park
September: film, class schedule -at 'hood theater (didn't know we had one?!), EPFC Map
All Space Considered -latest news from(?) space, 1st Fridays, Free, of course, Griffith Observatory
Outdoor: Edward Scissorhands (no worries on future showers with this one), $10 "donation" (--illegal w/out permit) + pkg $10 - eats, sips, low seats OK, cemetery, Hollywood
Concert: Classical - free, doors lock at 6 pm -believe it, LACMA
National: Labor Day -1st Monday -schools, banks, PO, government closed
Griffith Park Adult Community Center: painting -dance -art -books -games -lectures -sports -yoga --trips, lunch available - September 2011 calendar, Griffith Park Clubhouse
Silver Lake Jewish Community Center: first day of school, September family calendar
~Movie Tuesday
Picnic --with, whew whew, William Holden...oh, ya Kim Novak in it also... Boomers: for wow one buck, non-Boomers: two LACMA
Take a hike --every evening Tuesday -Wednesday -Thursday, for slow and strong & four-legged friends, Sierra Club -Angeles chapter, Griffith Park
Craft & Folk Art Museum, free: 1st Wednesdays, mid-Wilshire
Bring project & lunch: noon knitting and eating, Wednesdays, Downtown Library -map, free of course
Take a hike --evening, for slow and strong & four-legged friends, Sierra Club -Angeles chapter, Griffith Park
Silver Lake's Neighborhood Council:
public board meeting --sound boring? On the Agenda: arborecide --death of trees south of reservoir --possible DWP Alternative; show up and get first-hand info or don't sob later, Micheltorena School, Silver Lake
NOTE: DWP --Remember last election?
Rusty Millar
has been appointed to new Los Angeles DWP oversight board, Public's residential rep on Office of Public Accountability/ Ratepayer Advocate. If you don't know: Rusty is one well-informed serious SL resident, long-connected to Neighborhood Council. Yea, congrats & Go Rusty!
"Start Something That Matters" -Discussion: reserve immediately ALOUD, Downtown
Mystery: in Depression-era Hollywood, Rhumba in Waltz Time -author Robert Levinson reads, signs -lite bites, Skylight Books, Los Feliz
Evening: Take a hike --for slow and strong & four-legged friends, Sierra Club -Angeles chapter, Griffith Park
~Film Fest
Annual Bicycle Film Festival -thru 11th, celebration of the bicycle returns to LA, all films shown at Downtown Independent; Sunday -11: Street Party -better place to be than home alone that day
New Farmer's market opening: Saturdays, 8 am - 2 pm, Orange - betw Hollywood-Franklin, Hollywood
Know-nothing to knowledgeable knitters welcome: Saturday mornings knit away two hours --knit enough and ready for holidays... Memorial Library, Olympic near Wilshire-Highland
~Bicycle Film Fest
Member Zoo & Botanical Gardens Tour, join and it's free, Zoo, Griffith Park
~Movie Saturdays
September: Outdoor film at Barnsdall Art Park is back! Brews, bites truck -bring blanket, your bites, cash Barnsdall, Los Feliz
Music, food, dancing, food trucks, cooking demos "Summer Nights" Fest --Chinatown
Outdoor: Rebel Without a Cause ...the great die too young... James Dean, Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo -bring eats, sips, blanket, low seats -$10 "donation" (illegal w/out License), $10 pkg - where Hollywood royalty rests - cemetery
Thought it was too late --nope: Los Angeles Philharmonic, Fireworks and Tchaikovsky --Romeo & Juliet, Rococo Variations, Swan lake, 1812 Overture, Hollywood Bowl
~10th Anniversary...
People who hate...People who love power, money...used others not to lift -empower -employ -educate -feed, clothe, house -help ..."religion" promoters --"defense" contractors --war profiteers --their defenders... destruction, disease, death... debt, deceit, decay legacy ...stupidity... September morning ten years ago... who better off, now...
PEN Center USA
Discussion -readings, hosting across the world, closest here: Vroman's Pasadena
Annual: Peak of Summer Tomato Festival, Hollywood Farmer's Market (Food -blog/right)
~Bicycle Film Festival - Closing day Street Party

Panel discussion:
Indie booksellers --rebel book-selling, join David Kipen, Andrew Laties, Josh Spencer at Skylight Books

~Movie Tuesday
Born Yesterday --a more under-rated actress than terrific Judy Holiday? LACMA bargain: Boomers $1, everyone else $2
Evening: Take a hike --for slow and strong & four-legged friends, Sierra Club -Angeles chapter, Griffith Park
~Jacqueline Kennedy
TV: Though shy, famously private and deeply grieving, but respect for history, in March 1964, only four months after her husband President John F. Kennedy was murdered, Mrs. Kennedy recorded her views -thoughts -opinions of life, people around her --for historians; unedited, some of the eight hours released for a book on upcoming 5oth anniversary of his Presidency, by their daughter Caroline. KABC
(Though I knew about this long ago, wasn't going to post because: hosted who knows why by sob-sister Sawyer, whom I despise --for pandering --nightly failure to inform, enlighten, lack of journalistic standards -ethics, drip drip drip all over "news" --sly FOX "news" light without the cleavage; but this too unusual, special to omit; maybe we'll get lucky, maybe mostly Diane Sawyer will keep her trap shut.)
~Movie Movie
Double Deal: Two films Free -thanks to French & Belgium Consulates - French director -comedian star Dany Boon, Free! Hollywood
~Urban Design
Meeting: Silver Lakers wanted, Committee of Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, SL
Meet neighbors for crime stats -CERT class plans -block parties planning -chair election, Public Safety Committee of Neighborhood Council, at SL coffee house
Slow and strong & four-legged friends: Evening hike, Sierra Club -Angeles chapter, Griffith Park
Teen time: origami paper pleasure, supplies included in price: free! Silver Lake -Library
Like-minded: Green project going/trying to go --wish list --wannabe having drinks together in the 'hood - park $3 or prove you're green w/Metro
On a September week-day: Royal Fireworks Music paired with Los Angeles Philharmonic works of Rossini, Beethoven, Haydn, Handel and fireworks, at neighborhood Hollywood Bowl
Evening hike --for slow and strong & four-legged friends, lovers, neighbors - Sierra Club -Angeles chapter, Griffith Park
Outdoor film- in Griffith Park: Wall-E, thanks to Atwater Village Neighborhood Council
(...every summer I ask, still waiting: somebody explain WHY SLNC doesn't show outdoor movies --like on the rec wall-lawn next to SL Dog Park --Sunset Junction --Anywhere --every annual budget dollar used up, every year??? If you know: post in Comments)
Yup --Nope, not too late: Fireworks and Moulin Rouge Dancers Paris Combo with Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, at neighborhood Hollywood Bowl
Cool sound of hot music by legacy trombonist Phil Ranelin - Free - LACMA
Grow Your Own - Garden Festival --four-day Farmer's Market celebration -the-one-kind exception to my Not Outside Box (Hollywood to LA River & Hyperion to Downtown) location, too good to omit: workshops, demos, seeds, bee -chicken-keeping, chef mystery lunch cook-off, harvesting, vertical -organic -container -school gardening, all day, Santa Monica, $10 includes Lunch and--
Sept. 18 -National speakers, chefs, preservers, Good Food demos, of four-day Good Food Festival 30th anniversary Santa Monica Farmer's Market celebration, get there from here, map --and on Metro
Downtown Los Angeles --big, beautiful, busy --and confusing? The group working non-stop to preserve what's left (--as opposed to "developers" and self-serving politicians Huizar -Garcetti -Parks, e.g., death of Ambassador Hotel) will have: Historic Downtown Walking Tour -some of our historical best still around town, even natives haven't seen, LA Conservancy and FAQ -it was LA Conservancy: that prevented magnificent Central Library from demolition -join
Know-nothing to knowledgeable knitters welcome: Saturday mornings knit away two hours - Memorial Library, Olympic near Wilshire-Highland
Search in Architectural Scavenger Hunt --bring up to five friends, camera, wits for little-known art discovery --prizes, Downtown
No-car art, music, stamp, mural, food family street Event celebrating the bicycle, in Virgil Village street, artcyclela, East Hollywood
Moulin Rouge: A Magical Evening in Paris with Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and Fireworks Finale, at Hollywood Bowl
~Movie Saturdays
Outdoor film at Barnsdall! Brew -bite truck --bring blanket, your bites & cash Barnsdall Art Park
Outdoor... Fast Times at Ridgemont High 1992 - eats, sips, low chairs ok, $10 "donation" (--illegal, make them show proof -licensed to collect "donations" -pay your choice of "donation" amount), $10 pkg, where Hollywood royalty rests - cemetery Hollywood
~Costume Swap
Not in the 'hood/So worth cross-town drive: IF you aren't going to make a Halloween costume for your princess/spiderman Why waste money buying next-year's trash? Take old costume(s) hanging around: be one of first five to drop off at Costume Swap for many rewards, donate or swap for 'new' something - Mar Vista Farmer's Market

*30th anniversary Santa Monica Farmer's Market: Good Food Festival celebration, get there from here, map --and on Metro
American True blue -apple -any, indulger special: 3rd Annual KCRW Good Food Pie Contest --for best baker and pastry-challenged best eater - home-made & professional pies judged by chefs & food writers; eat -apron fashion show -workshop -music: free; enter a pie: $10; add admission ticket: galleries special tour, all at LACMA
Class: Introduction to Welding - description, project, dress-code of five-hour session, taught by sculptor - discount for member of brilliant creative Machine Project, neighborhood
Last bon chance: Fireworks Finale Moulin Rouge - Hollywood Bowl Orchestra of A Magical Evening in Paris, at Hollywood Bowl
~Movie Tuesday
Giddyup: John Ford's Two Rode Together --James Stewart, Richard Widmark... why doesn't anybody make Good movies anymore? LACMA Baaargain: Boomer $1, non-Boomer $2
Evening: Take a hike --slow and strong & four-legged friends, neighbors, Sierra Club -Angeles chapter, Griffith Park
Sierra Club Hike --for slow and strong & four-legged friends and neighbors -Angeles chapter, Griffith Park free and any donations welcomed
~Job Fair
Neighborhood Resource & Job Fair, Yucca Community Center, Hollywood
Evening Hike --slow, strong & four-legged friends, neighbors, Sierra Club -Angeles chapter, Griffith Park
~Food Fest- thru 25
Italian Cheese Festival - food, music, dancing, bingo, rides, games - Jimmy Kimmel Foundation, Hollywood
Know-nothing to knowledgeable knitters welcome: Saturday knit away two hours --knit for holidays... Memorial Library, Olympic near Wilshire-Highland
You've seen it --drive past it, now: learn our neighbor's history - Echo Park Lake Tour - take a walk with Echo Park Historical Society, $5 - limited: reserve your space --same link for a special Tour for your school
A Faery Hunt in the forrest, for small and tall child, Fern Dell, Griffith Park - tickets: reservations@afaeryhunt.com
Artist studios -open, 3rd annual Frogtown Art Walk, all around the LA River
Opening "Golden State of Craft: California 1960 - 1985" -Major art survey with other museums, venues - Craft & Folk Art Museum $10 -members free, ticket: rsvp@cafam.org
...atop bulldozed orange groves... 1931 Southern California... transplanted writer James M. Cain --able to transform "the dirty books" into bestsellers --greats transformed into bette noir movies - Haunts & Artisans Tour -begins Downtown
~Movie Saturday
September Outdoor film at Barnsdall! Brews -bites truck --bring blanket, your own bites & cash Barnsdall Art Park, Los Feliz
Two-day: Golf -beer -waffle -video game -raffle Event -Saturday & Sunday, OMGC Catholic school, 2060 N. Vermont Ave (323) 664-2111
Craft & Folk Art Museum Bicycle Ride: stops & speakers at various art -neighborhoods -open spaces, all ages invited to ride, Downtown - free but: rsvp@cafam.org
Japanese Cherry Blossom (--I thought those bloomed in Spring...) Festival -crafts, food trucks, beer garden - free, Little Tokyo

Class: learn to heat, melt, meld steel,
in one afternoon session - taught by sculptor Matt Jones, requirements, description - discount for member of Machine Project
Renowned ceramic artist, curator,
descendant of banking dynasty Edmund de Waal: tells of legacy - entire family treasures lost to nazies and found inheritance Japanese netsuke -The Hare with Amber Eyes recounted in his book -book-signing follows - Free, no reservations LACMA
Cello and piano - Classics: Beethoven and Rachmaninoff -no reservations, no admittance after 6 pm - no cost concert
Best Thing on TV: "The Good Wife" (well, not counting Dylan Ratigan, "Masterpiece Theater")
returns, moved from Tuesday to Sunday, KCBS
Tie-up-- stay
far far away: but expect long back-up, all directions-- LAX -La Cienega -Melrose -Sunset -nearby streets rolling closure; Tuesday-- hills of Beverly -Westwood -well, LA -go home or go east and stay there till President Obama leaves, afternoon(?) 27th
~Movie Tuesday
Ya might wanna bring some ice... Gilda --Glenn Ford, Rita Hayworth, but ever seen a picture of her before studio re-do, not even believable... LACMA bargain: Boomers $1, general $2
"Gunfight: Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms" - Conversation with Adam Winkler, Erwin Chemerinsky -reserve: ALOUD, Downtown
~Teen Time
Savory & Sweet Cooking for teen - free - Edendale Library, Echo Park
Talk, Tour, Reception: Richard Neutra VDL Studio & Residence -to aide restoration of the historic house -by deLab, Silver Lake --or wait and go after it falls down or a politician wants to rip it down to 'help' himself, ala was-great late Ambassador Hotel
~Holy Day
Sundown to sundown: Rosh Hashanah, start of Jewish New Year, one of the holiest days of the year, ends
~Farmer Food
Fresh, local-grown -in season Market, Echo Park --only Market open evening - SEE: Food, blog/right
Cool jazz on offer - vocalist Melissa Morgan doing new Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, Nancy Wilson channeling - live - no reservations - free

October Verify before going
Your home: got ground? LA City zip? Zip into bed --early --Zip out with: a utility bill -any residence proof --Zip into line very early: get zapped with one fruit tree --free! Adoption while they last, thanks to MTLA adopting season - give good care: zippidy-do-dah next year
13 - 16

Culinary Festival - food and wine and food: first time event - fab food, famous chefs, wicked wine -all kinds, all hours --pricey --provides for Meals On Wheels, to go: Los Angeles Food & Wine order Now, venues: beach to Downtown
All Bubbleology --all fun, science, examples and pros, at the Library Silver Lake

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