October 2nd Week in Silver Lake

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Calendar October 2011 - check often for additions



National Holiday: Columbus Day --honors
Christopher Columbus 'discovery' of America, except if you've read books -seen History channel: Vikings "found" America long before Chris showed up; I'm clueless why this is still a holiday, apparently a feeling shared by native Indians who were already 'found' --here... ce la vie, airlines got Congress to move lots of 'holidays' to Mondays --to help them = three-day week-end

Open today:
211 Help line --24/7 all year
all LA grade schools
State offices
Police stations --never close; ditto: fire houses
most retail shops
Wells Fargo banksters --I personally saw: the sign; employee said: o2nd year stayed open
Wall Street --of course, why would they waste even one day

Closed today:
Post Office --no mail delivery
LA City offices, agencies, departments --but:
311 City
phone info line open as usual, 8 am - 4:45pm
LA County offices -agencies -departments -services
Burglars of America (BofA), most banks
Griffith Observatory

October 2011 - March 2012: "Pacific Standard Time" --Largest collaboration of art ever assembled in California, possibly in US --celebration of Los Angeles Art scene 1945 - 1980 --beach to desert, Santa Barbara to San Diego --68 cultural institutions - structures -address of any form of art --exhibition -workshop -play -interaction, far too much to list - best: Bookmark link to see each day --site changes daily, with calendar


Community: o Griffith Park Adult Club --Calendar October 2011 --art, dance, games, music, painting, sports, yoga --classes --happenings --trips, Griffith Park Club House -lunch to reserve -menu


International Walk & Bike to School --all month

Wanna spend the night --all Hallows eve night... with Tim Burton --at Museum? Snap up ticket Now

Neighborhood Council: oArts & Culture committee - verify location

Entrance --free today: Autry Museum

Entrance --free today: LA Art

Tuesday Matinee:oThe Swimmer --1968 - Burt Lancaster -in pools...if you haven't ever seen, it's one odd film... if you really figure it out: opost in Comments - $2 LACMA

Fresh produce:0 Silver Lake Farmer's Market --open to 7:30 PM, SEE Food -blog/right

- 12+: Sierra Club outings, local Angeles chapter, Griffith Park

Crime Watch
1st Meeting for New: 0Neighborhood Watch Business --Sunset Blvd Business - Manzanita to Waterloo - advisers and representatives from LAPD Rampart and Northeast Divisions invited, and staff from #04 and #13 Council members - Silver Lake Neighborhood Council sponsored - MEET:
The Living Room Furniture Store
3531 Sunset Blvd, Silver Lake
Contact: Public Safety Committee Co-Chair Nadine Trujillo
ntrujillo6 [at] roadrunner.com - phone 323-449.5775

Place for the printer: 0print-maker --novice to casual to serious who needs space, enjoy like-minded to work - session cost includes basic supplies, casual instruction - Thursday evenings to November 29 - requires RSVP, paid registration - CAFAM

SL Neighborhood Council: 0Public Safety committee, all Silver Lake stakeholders invited

Co-ed Basketball Clinic three age classes, age 5 to age 10 - begins: October 16 to December 4, 2011, eight-week session - Bellevue Rec Center, 826 Lucile Ave, Silver Lake 90026 - 323-664-2468 - Bellevue.Recreationcenter@lacity.org

LA River
Joint Hearing on: Revitalization of the Los Angeles River and Pacoima Wash --view it live on-line --streaming on-line --listen on KCPRadio - Pierce College - three-hours, public comment 3rd hour
--In-person: to Attend
RSVP or call in Advance for Hearing at CBS Studio Center to get up-dates on community groups and city -county -federal efforts to restore and protect the 51-mile LA River

LA River

Attend:0Lessons from Singapore for Los Angeles --briefing and strategy session to discuss Singapore’s Marina Barrage and its lessons for the Los Angeles River - with Arroyo Seco Foundation, LA River Revitalization Corporation, FoLAR and CDM -- RSVP: Jackie Nseir, nseirj (at) cdm (dot) com -or 213-457-2200

Are you a member of the church of Bill Maher? Then this is for You, Binky: see Bill Maher do stand-up comedy --reserved seats, front rows --cost? Just for You: Free!
--How daVine --his dress rehearsal for HBO Comedy "Real Time with Bill Maher" --Today! Can't go? Second shot: October 20, 2011

Architecture critic: 0Architecture & Beyond - Alan Hess will discuss the contributions of architect John Lautner, Los Feliz library - blog/right

See what books: oFriends of the Library will have for bargain fun -fund-raising sale, Los Feliz library - SEE Library -blog/right

Free entry:0Museum of Contemporary Art, Thursday evenings - MOCA

Did you bike on Sunday during CicLAvia --or spent time ripping out hair as you waited, tried to guess how to go --past the wheeled populace? 0See: 0post Ciclavia Bike Film Night, at EPFC

0Monthly Art Walk --galleries
(Cheesy grilled truck Might be there --odd map, I'm waiting for e-mail -confirmation of their location, check back for up-date)

Six artists: each given a square-opening space in the wall bordering plaza fountain in Pershing Square downtown -
Art Opening: reception tonight for "Public Order" --exhibition during LA Art Walk, will display until October 23, 2011 - 532 South Olive St, Los Angeles 90013

Occupy --Silver Lake: the butcher, the baker, the unemployed grad, the newly roof-less --the 99% don't need 'defined goals' --to know which way the wind is blow'n, what's blow'n in the wind --protest songs, old ones, new ones --tonight --at neighborhood Machine Project, kinship with those who know Economics 101 -bent, twisted --showing up Free

Party with Green peeps: having a Trasher's Ball - a Halloween event -bring an old T-shirt, get it transformed -bring Halloween costume things to swap -win raffle Green prizes -chat with like-minded Greens
--the ones who are in Green business/want to start a Green enterprise -eat finger food (not your fingers, lol), sip with Green Drinks

Fresh produce:0Echo Park Farmer's Market - Certified Organic vendors:0none, grower closest to parking lot: offers wide selection pesticide-free
bread, organic coffee; cheese sometimes; no mushrooms ever
-humus outstanding --vendor, wide variety, all delish, fresh

flowers:0poor selection; prepared food, food trucks: 2 -3
-Market management:0indifferent;
accepts EBT; Transp: parking easy, large City lot - bus, DASH stops
open to 7 PM -- SEE Food -blog/right

Want a degree --from Oxford? This event for you: British reps here to discuss studying in England -an MBA or Executive MBA - grab a ticket, free, but going fast for Information session, Downtown

Outdoor - Friday Night Flicks: Sixth Sense - shown on 40' x 20' screen, after sundown - bring blanket, low chairs, picnic, snacks -but they don't allow alcohol or tobacco - Free - Downtown


If it's October it's: Laurel & Hardy party time
--17th Music Box Steps Day
Family film festival - celebrates the film and the best friends who worked the 133 steps
to deliver a piano to hill-top house, in the middle of Silver Lake -
< click to enlarge
with continuous screenings of the 1932 Oscar award 20-min. classic film, magic show, craft booth, food, Laurel & Hardy look-alikes, raffle prizes of local artists, business, residents
12 to 3 pm
Saturday -
--leave the dogs at home, bring the children & the neighbors
-across from famous funny steps
Laurel & Hardy Park
935 Vendome Street,
Silver Lake 90026
Parking: near impossible -walk, bike -or bus it from Sunset
if questions: 323-663-7641
Thanks to
Silver Lake Improvement Association peeps, thanks
--let's do it again next year

What will wealthiest do? What will government do --to right the wrongs?
While the world watches --the wealthy buy Influence in the government Meant to be By --Of --For ALL --the ignorant Republican fool flog his 9 9 9 "conservative" Plan to reduce taxes on the wealthy --raise taxes on those who don't have job -food -roof
-pension -tuition --bright future --enough to survive, the 99.9 will: Occupy Wall Street --Occupy Main Street --Occupy Los Angeles --across America today, Protest the Burglars of America.

Sierra Club events: Newcomer Fair --Children's Nature Festival --Tree watering hike - (scroll down) details, directions

Know-nothing and knowledgeable knitters welcome, knit away two hours for the holidays with Knitting club - Memorial library, Map

Yarn Bombing:0 local knitters monthly meet, all skill levels welcome, encouraged, Los Angeles Collective – Free, open to the public, Knit Group

local fruit, veggies, nuts:0
Silver Lake Farmer's Market
-some Certified Organic growers; produce: wide selection, usual varieties, no rarities
-dates -mushrooms
-no cheese;
bread: outstanding -maybe best of any market, multi-grain, whole wheat, more
prepared-food vendors, food truck; flowers:0variety, price excellent
-Market management: excellent - Parking:overy limited/difficult, bike, bus it - also: SEE Food -blog/right for both days Silver Lake Market

Monthly screening series:oemerging storytellers in contemporary world cinema, discussion follows, neighborhood EPFC

In case you don't know: 0Conan Nolan, News Conference --best/maybe only reason to ever flip on knbc/channel 4 --he covers Local, LA City
Hall and Sacramento issues -bills -current events -politics -politicos; even things that aren't on my 'radar'/I don't care about, he's Plenty good -asks the hard questions, isn't slick, doesn't pander
--but Why he hasn't been given at least an
Hour --out of the 24/7 every day, to cover local issues, I'm clueless --why so-called management has Loads of our time for dumb drug ads, talking-heads laughing -stupid chatter, drivel "news" --'sports' --Really boring weather-caster --but way Not Enough for things that Matter - Sundays 9:30 AM (--usually, stupidly often gets bumped), repeats 11:30 PM

Art Craft: 0create a unique basket made of left-over materials -or wire hangers - session cost includes instruction, some materials - bring 12+ white wire coat hangers, needle-nose pliers, wire cutter -
Advanced registration required at CAFAM

Annual Russian Orthodox: International Fall Festival - entertainment for children, raffle
- tour the Cathedral - international home-made food - begins 12:30 pm - Russian Orthodox Cathedral - free - 650 Micheltorena Street, Silver Lake 90026

Okay, I read it, all of it, but clueless what category name to give this, uh, happening... 'officially' it's called Dorkbot --??? --all three parts --sounds creeeative... Intelligent... definitely original... go, decide for yourself --it's at, where else, Machine Project --won't cost any

NOTE - NOTE If you couldn't get into Lockpicking College: good news --it's opening again --October 18, 2011 at Machine Project --enroll ASAP -before they lock the door, again --and thanks, for not rating out this author for posting...

Mingle with members, maybe with ghost guests unseen -dress to fit in with the Old Hollywood scene --in the tower where the Golden Age of Hollywood luminaries lived --enjoy cocktails, music, silent auction and children will enjoy after-school art, music programs provided by Hollywood Arts Council

Members-only screening:
Martha Marcy May Marlene - shown at Sundance - Film Independent, LACMA Film Club, New York Times Film Club - on-line, call to join, ticket LACMA


5 - -Community Clean-up: 9 am - 12 noon - Glendale Blvd --Berkeley Ave to Duane Street, meet: 1710 Glendale Blvd, Echo Park - contact: Josh - 323-842-6485 - josh[at]joshpost.com

- Register now: learn Japanese wood carving, includes materials -tools -instruction, limited space --will close quickly, register ASAP -CAFAM

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