October Silver Lake daVine 1st Week

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October? What happened to the heat --hot hot long lazy summer days... gone with whacked Washington war --who got way richer, who don't want to ante-up clash... classed as 'class war'... while everyone else Wonders --Where are jobs -Way out of mortgage mess --Will we go hungry ...

We Watch --white-hairs wheedle their way --through our Boys in blue -our convention center, ever-wanting whopping wealth to wash over them... --baby-kissers kiss ass, self-help graphic grab for piece of the pie... --workers? Forced to tithe taxes to bail burglars of America, face Fall without Clean Water -Air Act --work -home -groceries...

...we had middle-class workers... we have Wall Street weasels swallowing all...

Which Way forward... we can --snub the snobs --choose corner commerce over corporal corporations --substitute the self-serving, some day... Over the hill, through the Meadow... Welcome --watching wildlife --word, wink of winsome neighbor --wishing to be nowhere else --we have wheel of serendipity... we share Silver Lake... daVine...

"...the conservative [British Prime Minister David Cameron] believes
you make the poor richer by making them work harder,
you make the rich work harder by making them richer"
--Labour leader Edward Miliband

Calendar for October 2011--check back often for additions -confirm/verify before plans

--Fruit Tree: did you want one --but didn't get? --Why not? Send e-mail (contact: blog/right)


Your home: got ground --LA City zip? Zip into bed early --Zip out with: utility bill -any residence proof --Zip into line very early: get zapped with one fruit tree --free! Adoption while they last, thanks to MTLA adopting season - give good care: zippidy-do-dah next year


Largest collaboration of art: "Pacific Standard Time" ever assembled in California, possibly in US --celebration of Los Angeles Art scene 1945 - 1980 --68 cultural institutions - structures -address offers any form of art --exhibition -workshop -play -interaction, October 2011 - March 2012 --from beach to desert, Santa Barbara to San Diego, far too much to list - best: open link, Bookmark to see each day --site changes with the calendar


Community: Griffith Park Adult Club Calendar --October 2011 --books, painting, dance, computer, games, music, sports, yoga --classes, happenings, recreation --lunch menu to reserve, at Griffith Park club house


International Walk & Bike to School --all month


I do not know why, I do not know if it is legal: stuff Mesopotamians (?) devised 4,000 years ago stuffed into College of Lockpicking workshop, register here -by, who else, brilliant Machine Project --if it's not legal don't rat out daVine Calendar...

Wanna spend the night --all Hallows eve night... with Tim Burton --at Museum? Just get hold of your nerves, some unshakable friends --and advance ticket (--won't open -click on links or call) Now --or snap up in person if you're going to:

Tuesday Matinee: It Should Happen to You --Judy Holiday, Jack Lemmon, Peter Lawford at LACMA

Fresh local in-season fruit -veggies, at home in Silver Lake --before rain arrives Wednesday, Thursday


Sierra Club Hike --for slow and strong & four-legged friends and neighbors - Angeles chapter, Griffith Park - free and donations welcomed


SL Neighborhood Council: board meeting, public/SL stakeholders invited --can't be bothered? Don't say you weren't warned when cell tower --helicopter --goats show up, agenda details

Cheese --melted, many ways -many-splendored things - from The Grilled Cheese Truck this day will be found here until 9:45 pm

Sierra Club Hike --for slow and strong & four-legged friends and neighbors - Angeles chapter, Griffith Park free and any donations welcomed

Bring lunch: eat - talk books, and other surprises - Thursdays @ Central library series

Poetry Sale
Two poets will read their work, and: offer mobile tag sale of stuff (lol) --no sneaking in early, Machine Project


Opening reception: Charles and Ray Eames, ticket purchase, A+D Museum


Sierra Club -Angeles chapter --Hike for slow and strong & four-legged friends, also neighbors , Griffith Park - free - donations welcomed


Open - all filmmakers welcome:
cinematic free-for-all - Any level -status -genre allowed, ten minutes max --screened in order of arrival - Echo Park Film Center - $5


Friday evening jazz: Frank Strazzeri Quintet - free - no reservations, at LACMA

Noir: they were here, now they're immortal --Exhibition
and silent auction of great 1930s -40s photographs of film greats by great photographers --wine tasting --LA Athletic Club one-day pass --music, dancing --vintage style fashion show of vintage classics --cheeses, appetizers, truffles, Downtown - event - reserve & ticket - ticket giveaway to KCRW member

Holy Day
Holiest day of Jewish calendar: Yom Kippur - begins sundown, to sundown Oct 8



Lecture - Simply Quince: From Breakfast to Dinner for 3,000 Years - presented by Culinary Historians - free, library --join to RSVP and attend related:
- for members - October 11 - Armenian restaurant

Know-nothing to knowledgeable welcome: knit away two hours, at Memorial Library, Olympic near Wilshire - Highland

Hollywood R.I.P.
Visit the place where Hollywood royalty rests -well, at least their bones, in daylight --before any spirits appear at Halloween - 112-year old cemetery of the magic movie-makers and moguls who put Hollywood on the map - 28th annual Art Deco Society of Los Angeles Tour details

Two 1936 murder cases covered by revered Los Angeles reporter examined in “GOLD DIGGERS & SNAKE HANDLERS: Deranged L.A. Crimes from the Notebook of Aggie Underwood” -first woman in the U.S. to become editor of a major metropolitan newspaper - sponsored by Photo Friends, preserving the Los Angeles Public Library photograph collection -Free - Downtown, library

Classical: gifted young musicians of Academy Young Artist Performances - Chopin, Beethoven, Dvorak, Schubert, Schumann and Shostakovich - Free admission, Colburn Academy


Drive-In --yes, read it again: Drive-In Movie --ain't dead and gone, lives downtown, one night a week --walk-in, bike-in okay - tonight: Young Frankenstein --FAQ --devil's night --event website
Gear up: Bicycle LA event today --call grandparents --heads up to neighbors, play-date parents, couch potatoes --spread out, see our world up close --streets blocked to cars --for 7+ miles and new spurs in Chinatown, Central LA --have you seen new path on 7th street to/from downtown, makes LA big instant Free park today, car-free --pollution-free --earn a nap: walk -skate -play -ride --drop in at shops, restaurants encouraged to stay open --or ride to a: "Pacific Standard Time" art event (SEE: Oct 1 above) -- CicLAvia --If you need a lift: Metrolink retrofitted 10 train cars for bicycle space --Bus: Remember driver --before retrieving your bike give 'heads up' --Get involved: to make three Ciclavia events next year

Bring your favorite art materials: learn some drawing techniques to drone music, at neighborhood excellent Machine Project

Whole lot of regional Mexican food: La Feria de Los Moles --all moles, as far as I can tell (entire site one graphic -can't be separated to translate --who does that? --why?), from three (?) districts of Mexico --this is 30+ ingredient dish treat, with chocolate, peppers --hot, savory, sweet - with music - Olvera Street - if you're biking today worth trip over for tasting, break for lunch (attempt to park a car around there to cause rapid aging), expect large crowd

Afternoon of spirits, food, up folks working towards: Uplifting Change -with Karen Bass, Congress member - Liberty Hill

Classical: Capitol Ensemble - Performing Brahms Sonatensatz and Piano Quintet in F minor, Opus 32 - doors close-no seating after 6 pm - free, no reservations, Bing Theater

Bookmark Silver Lake daVine --for


- Dinner: Armenian restaurant, members only parties, special events --join Culinary Historians
15 - Laurel & Hardy Annual event
28 - Young Literati 4th Annual Toast --Limited space --order ASAP
30 - 31 Halloween doings --or don'ts, get ticket: spend the night with
Tim Burton

Literary Feast - beautiful private homes, unique hosts - limited seating, RSVP ASAP Annual Dinner Central library fund-raiser

Heard a song bird lately
--in five years?
60 to 90% of all bird species have disappeared, but if you think missing music doesn't matter --think there's more important things to think about, think on this: without birds insect populations will explode --crops -food will disappear --we won't survive

It's not too late for You to make a difference:
- http://birds.audubon.org/common-birds-decline
- What You can do to help

No material or part of this site may be copied -scraped -lifted without Permission of author --doing so Will result in consequences and/or loss of Internet access

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