October Silver Lake Events Part 3

Silver Lake daVine Calendar - October 2011 - Part 3 - confirm event details before plans
Check back often for several up-dates to come

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Upcoming: scary fun things to do for Halloween...

Largest collaboration of art: "Pacific Standard Time" ever assembled in California, possibly in US --celebration of Los Angeles Art scene 1945 - 1980 --68 cultural institutions - structures -address offers any form of art --exhibition -workshop -play -interaction,
October 2011 - March 2012 --from beach to desert, Santa Barbara to San Diego, far too much to list - best: open link, Bookmark to see each day --site changes with the calendar

Movies - October - EPFC schedule - Map

Community: Griffith Park Adult Club Calendar --October 2011--classes, art, education, dance, music, sports, happenings --lunch menu to reserve, Griffith Park

Bring project & lunch: noon knitting and eating, Wednesdays, Downtown Library -map, free

to Dec 28: be the host with the most or become The bartender at: Cocktail class - tuition

Outdoor movie,

Hunter/Jumper shows - Oct 20 - 23 - Langer Shows, Equestrian Center, show schedule, Griffith Park

every Tuesday -Wednesday -Thursday evening Take a hike - slow -strong & well-behaved four-legged friends, Sierra Club -Angeles chapter, Griffith Park
Family Tree
Genealogy librarian available to help your search: family history, morning till afternoon - Downtown library

Echo Park Farmer's Market - SEE: Food blog/right

Wine historian to discuss: The Art of Wine: California Wine by Design - with five California wines, bread, tapenade, cheese - reserve tickets on-line or call, discount for museum member- LACMA

Live Jazz: Hendelman Trio - standards, Brazilian, blues and Israeli sounds - free, LACMA

Good Food: Silver Lake Farmer's Market - SEE: Food blog/right

To celebrate (?) the dear departed: annual Dia de Los Murtos (Day of the Dead) - Mexican and international rituals, art exhibit, altar decorations, procession, incense, food, millinery tradition, interactive activities, storytelling, face painting, music & classic songs, dancing - altar contest - best-dressed skeleton contest - where Hollywood royalty rests, the only one in the country opens its gates for this tradition -12 hours - no alcohol, pets, skateboards - Ticket + Parking --structures, shuttle

Pumpkins for Peace event - Echo Park

In the dell: A Faery Hunt - for the small and all the tall children - tickets: reservations@afaeryhunt.com Fern Dell, Griffith park

All levels welcome to knit away two hours with Knitting Club, Saturdays, Memorial library

Farmer's Market cooking: Jams, Jellies and Preserves class -registration deadline: Oct 21 ticket

A cat --in your hat? Unconventional Materials: Exploration of Millinery - purchase ticket in advance, discount for member, Machine Project

Group: Silver Lake Arts Collective - Opening reception

RSVP deadline Today for: event at the Observatory event October 24*

Make ornaments - it’s never too early to start preparing for holiday season - Mark Montano will show you how to transform pine cones, glitter, paper into magical ornaments for your home - $5 admission includes materials, drinks, and snacks - RSVP rsvp@cafam.org

Museum salon event: Affair - music, delicious fare, mingle with artists and collectors in the museum courtyard, raffle for one-of-a-kind art works, Craft & Folk Art Museum

Live Classical: in honor of 200-year birth of Liszt, October 22, 1811, all-Liszt Program by pianist Young Huh, doors close 6 PM - free -no reservations required, LACMA

Staged reading of Noel Coward comedy: Blythe Spirit --by Independent Shakespeare/summer in Griffith Park company of actors, there will be martinis - tickets

Film Eats
Did you want some movie with that wine - small plates, tapas, wine by the glass and after sunset: a free movie - Vino Cinema (for today's date: conflict of which film - call to verify)
24 Monday


Bundle up: President Obama will be in Los Angeles --Latino community fund-raising? With/out helicopter: so Expect mucho traffic-cramming --and bike to work today, departure time unknown

Family Tree

Genealogy search: specialist librarian available morning through afternoon to help your family history search - Downtown library Map

Hollywood Farmer's Market tasty version for 1st Food Day LA - will feature: Dinner & Movie - starting with reception of seasonal dishes by Farmer's Kitchen, wine, honey-infused treats, honey tasting by local beekeepers, live music and conversation, then screening of: “Vanishing of the Bees at The Ricardo Montalb├ín Theatre (once The Huntington Hartford), followed by Q & A with panelists movie-makers, local beekeeper associations and market apiarists - proceeds benefit: Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles - Hollywood - sign-up and: ticket

Talk: The Galactic Center: Unveiling the Pulse of Our Galaxy, required reservation - RSVP and ticket - Griffith Observatory


Tuesday Matinee showing longer British-release version: Night of the Demon - (can you tell, duh, Halloween is a'com'n) with Dana Andrews, Peggy Cummins, Niall MacGinnis - $2 - Boomer $1, at LACMA

If it's Tuesday: it's Farmer's Market in Silver Lake - SEE Food - blog/right


Family Time: oriental art of Origami Paper Folding creative hobby all ages, Chinatown library


Idealist Grad Fair --want a graduate degree --in a field that will "make a difference" - meet reps from 100 universities to help decide where -what -how in a free workshop

You Know it's fall --one of best parts: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown --followed by: You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown --shortened version - begins at 8:00 PM
--on KABC

Black... Anniversary
Once upon a time... people bought stocks on margin, paid 10% of the price, the New York Stock Exchange de-lighted to loan them the 90%... and nobody knew nothing about 'bubbles' or physics --and after bubbles go up
--they came down October 29, 1929
when brokers said: "you have a margin call --get cash here NOW --or we're selling all your stocks" ...as the Market fell --fortunes -estates -trusts wiped out --the rich, the privileged, the famous, the community pillars --fell out of windows --in shame, humiliation without the character -the spine to live --broke, poor ...left businesses -banks -charities -wives, children to fend for themselves...

the burglars on Wall Street --did it to all --on the day forever known as Black Friday
when the Market crashed... the Great Depression began... and after some seventy years of buying influence in government --got all those 'annoying' "job-killing" laws rules regulations deleted --they did it again....


See what's on Sale: nab the perfect Green gift --for your library -hobby -coming holidays - Book sale by Friends of Silver Lake library

Fall Fun in Los Feliz: Big Pinewood Derby trucks --haunted Disco --cars, crafts, chili cook-off, costumes, bake-sale, pumpkin run, racing --food trucks --fund-raiser fun --by Franklin Friends


and 30th - Festival of Green Cuisine: organic, vegetarian and vegan foods -chefs -authors -eco seminars -
green shopping; cooking demonstrations from Raw Food Chef Bryan Au, author of
Vegan Junk Food
- LA Convention Center

Open House
Annual event to meet the cops on Silver Lake beat:
Northeast Police station - staff and Senior Lead officer, tour, boxing program for children, Halloween costume contest, raffle prizes - learn about volunteer programs in station and community Northeast station (click to enlarge) in LA City Council District: #1 #4 #13 #14

Future Coeds
Teen - Student Smart College 101: Princeton Review unveils the myths of the college admission process, provides general information about admission requirements, timelines and application procedures, free - Downtown Map

Two-hour Knitting Club welcomes all skill levels --knit for the holidays, free of course - Memorial library

It's a Pooch Party: your four-legged friend invited - Howl-O-Ween Doggie Costume Pageant -details, contact info - Prizes, Surprises and Entertainment (--like dogs in drag isn't enough?) - by Silver Lake neighbors - at the Dog Park, of course

Run Amok

Did you enjoy street closures -bus re-routes -traffic clog -try to go anywhere of two weeks ago for the bicycle game? Get ready to get Fed Up: Eric and the boys, supposedly our reps, "decided" perfect thing for people TRYING to live in this City: mimic perpetually clogged NY city --shut whole bunch of streets AGAIN --for Half (moronic) Marathon today --a Sunday, when many will be going to, duh, farmer's market, church and oh, ya Halloween events --or trying to, sheesh
--on which mountain top do LA City "council" members live? Guess no developer pals mentioned the losy timing, venue...
Road Closure map --if you imagine you won't be impacted: think 'Backed-up traffic' --Why don't they ever close the Valley streets for these things??
Call Eric Garcetti staff - share your thoughts on shutting streets: 213-473-7013
--Also call: your rep on the Council -
same number (last two digits: your district) or SEE Govt. Blog/right
--or call
311 (before 4:30 pm daily) to be connected

Movie-marathon - six films, all Vincent Price - Price-a-thon 100 begins after lunch time with: The Pit and the Pendulum - all Free - no reservations needed


Get ready --Treats --or Tricks: Halloween


Pakistan relationship with Afghanistan: talk by author-director Javed Jabbar, democracy activist - Downtown, free - Map

Knit your project at lunch time - 1 1/2 hours: Central library - free - Downtown

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