Spooky Los Angeles eek: Halloween 2011

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I don't like Halloween
... finally, I admit it... I liked the dressing up part, inventing a costume, not the ghouls -ghosts -'undead' -celebrating death parts... once we climbed to top of the hill of our street on a dark and stormy San Francisco Halloween night and saw an old house we never noticed before. In the doorway an old (ancient?) woman with long white hair invited us in --no apples, no treats, we were blindfolded, offered to feel a monster --hands plunged into plate of his brains --eew, his blood, his eyeballs, oh gross (--cold spaghetti -tomato sauce -tiny meatballs, respectively), and on and on...
we just wanted candy, but by then too scared to say --anything, we ran. The others made fun of me, I didn't care, I was done with Halloween, permanently. I was eight.
Plus: it's the birthday of my favorite person... RIP Aunt B...

If you're into Halloween
here's some fun things to do, around Silver Lake 'hood, hopefully non-gross...

If you're going out with small children remember what it was like for you:
it's no fun to
--fall: wear flat shoes --take a flashlight or pick up a lantern at a surplus goods store
--wear a coat -cover up costume: add warm layers under the costume

Need an adult-size elaborate -exotic costume --accessories? Here's a local place to find all: Ozzie Dots

Dumb Sheriffs
Baca & the boys "warning" now, of supposed 'danger': pot-laced candy --could be handed out to children... ya, right --pot is such a bargain who wouldn't give it away and to children --on Halloween --which has never happened, sheesh... and the Reason anyone would do that??
...trying to 'fix' sheriff's department stinking lousy image --pending lawsuits, with lousy Pr

better-spent time: cleaning up department --arrest of sheriff gang members ...way past time for past-it Sheriff Baca to remove his costume, get into jail. Go FBI.

I hated the feel of sugar on my teeth... if you don't want to be part of child diabetes -obesity prob you could, yes, you could, offer: tiny boxes of raisins -a small item like barrettes -jacks -packet of veggie seeds -a shiny new $.25...

If you gotta get it: skip pricey supermarket and go for same stuff but cheaper --from, where else, $.99 store --best deal: long packages of tiny boxes of Dots -Mars -Butterfingers, etc., or large bag of caramels -individually wrapped, will go long way one per trickster; my favorite: bag of espresso candy, not too sweet, each wrapped.

- click links to verify details - Halloween happenings - In no particular order:

October 28
- Mobile Movie
Haunted Films in Haunted Places: EP Film Center offering spooky Mobil Movie again this year, also with Ghoula

28 -29 -30 -31
Spiders and Dinosaurs
- exhibits --all creepy but don't be scared, spiders are behind glass... dinos are for sure dead... included in admission: Natural History Museum

- through 31
Spooky... Haunted Hay Ride
(reviews say: skip boring over-priced carnival rides) - Griffith Park

29 - Ball
Okay, here's the thing: Masquerade Ball, a KCRW event, regular tickets sold out, but
a.) you and pals can still get tickets to a cabana, or b.) the Grilled Cheese truck will be there, in front of the hotel, near MacArthur Park, c.) you could go for a glass of wine (in the bar?) and a great grilled cheesy sammich (and take a dessert sammich for later) and go on your way to --wherever

28, 29, 30
- Hunt
Haunted Hollywood Hunt

29 - Pumpkin
Carving workshop

- Disco
Dracula Drag Party
- Disco dancing,
Open bar, costume contest, fusion food trucks - sort of anniversary celebration, they opened October 2007, and they're fond of Halloween - Cinefamily event - Ticket $20

30 - Traffic - Sunday
Going to farmer's market, church and, duh, Halloween events --or trying to, today? Good luck: the bean bags on LA City Council 'decided' today Perfect --for shutting streets --so some people can run around: Marathon --today
They "cannot" run inside a field --bowl --beach --the Valley?
On which mountain top do LA City "council " members live?
Mind how you go: Road Closure map --and if you imagine you won't be impacted think 'Backed-up traffic' --Why don't they ever THINK before they do dumb stuff like this?
Call 473-7013 Ask Prince Eric Garcetti, "president" of the clowns
Call 311 --to be connected to rep of your zip code --ask

30 - Dog
Pooch Party: four-legged friends invited to Howl-O-Ween Doggie Costume Pageant - Prizes, Surprises and Entertainment (dogs in drag isn't enough?) - details, contact info - by Silver Lake neighbors - at the Dog Park, of course

30 - Festival

All ages: Halloween Family Festival, Natural History Museum

30 - Movie
Movie-marathon: six films, all Vincent Price - Price-a-thon 100 begins after lunch time with: The Pit and the Pendulum - all Free - no reservations needed

30 - Tour

Annual Haunted House Tour: Grier Musser Museum

Want some movie with that wine?
Maybe the coolest place in all of LA to see a movie: Vino cinema bistro --with bites, cheese, full plates and selection from hundreds of bottles of wine --by the glass, if you like the wine, have the bottle, Sundays - not in SL -but not far, on Melrose

30 - Dance
Swing --in style: Halloween Swing Orchestra Dancing -Art Deco Society - downtown

19 through 31 - Theater
Haunted House - One hour Interactive Horror play "Delusion"

More events to list - check back

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