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December 2011 - Events around Silver Lake, CA 90026

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Hang onto your keys -wallet -inner-child: the holidays are here...
...is there a home that "needs" more stuff stuffed into it? If you must gift: buy from Corner commerce, not corporate chains
Make it edible --bundle seed packages -tomato -radish -lettuces -carrot -or herbs, large container -round or window box, soil, stick label & instructions (Google) for planting, sun, water, harvest --receiver will be grateful, next year...
Make it to how-to class: give your own jam...

Not a cook: sprinkle cinnamon on walnuts or cashews -roast lightly on a cookie sheet or in a pan with butter till cinnamon melts; cool, transfer to large paper cone of glued wrapping paper, close with fold or ribbon --lucky receivers will appreciate, nut prices will soar next year on shortages from storms, drought...

Got coupons? Round up canned goods: Food Banks will be grateful...

Best charity going: Salvation Army

Party? Party with a purpose: 60 to 90% of all birds, even common ones, 75% of humming birds have disappeared --help find out how many still exist --while we can still save them --call club pals -sports team -knitting/fishing friends -Boy/Girl Scouts -local school, any grade --pick a day -a spot to count birds for: 112th Audubon Christmas Count, then celebrate with hot cocoa and bird food giveaway bag, with recipe

If birds disappear --So what?
What do birds eat: bugs --what do bugs eat? Plants --crops, doused in pesticide...
so if chemical corporations create ever-stronger toxins --super bugs, with no natural predators --bug populations explode --we cannot grow wheat, corn, cotton --vegetables --citrus -nut trees --soy --any crops? How long has it been since you heard a song bird?

Make time: Go see -do something beautiful -fun -free --I'll list as many as I can... check back often for additions

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What can you do to save birds: bird-friendly space - count where you are in December - get an Audubon calendar - join Los Angeles Audubon

Collaboration of art: "Pacific Standard Time" -largest ever assembled in California, maybe in US --celebration of Los Angeles Art 1945 - 1980 --68 cultural institutions - offering any form of art -exhibition -workshop -play -interaction October 2011 - March 2012 --beach to desert, Santa Barbara to San Diego: Bookmark open link to see events each day

Echo Park Film Center: December schedule

Griffith Park Adult rec Center - December activities calendar -categories -Lunch menu

Annual Winter Downtown on Ice:
-Daily: Skating rink
-Week days: Holiday Lunchtime Live
music concerts - free
-December 10: Holiday Winter Festival
-December 12 - 23: 12 Nights of Christmas - free
Open now through January 16 - Pershing Square, downtown

Every night weatherman shows: decorated home for the holidays -anywhere in So Cal, some too far away to drive - local news, if you don't want to watch entire news, around 11:18 pm - knbc

-stupid amateur desperate junk --blood -gore -guns -murdered women -putrid pedophiles usual twisted trash of Hollywoodsters so diz-gusters, violent, waste of good air all year, seems even more vile in December, so: 25 Days of Christmas --cheery welcome alternative - (entire schedule: SEE far-right column) --Disney classics, traditional, Harry Potter to newer Christmas films --nightly starting around 7 - 8 pm - good for children to Boomers - Family cable channel - or schedule for each week

1 Thursday
Traditional Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony - open to the public - Cider, eggnog, gingerbread cookies will be served - Biltmore Hotel - Main Lobby - downtown

4 Sunday
Swedish food -Glogg bar -gifts: 32nd Annual
Swedish Christmas Fair -folk dancing, handmade crafts, bakery - Shrine Expo Center

To replace art missing from schools: Sunday Art Workshop - today: Mexico, Tin Painting with Helen Marish - free - Barnsdall

Tour Victorian Christmas House - with refreshments - two tour times, call for reservation - apparently today only - Grier Musser Museum


Rep. (R) Darrell Issa: wants
--thousands of US Post Office employees fired
--THREE Los Angeles mail sorting/delivery facilities closed
--Many local Post Offices CLOSED
--Post Office --oldest US institution, written into the Constitution yet receives NO TAX MONEY: sold to non-union private corporation
Do you?

Tell friends, neighbors -Everyone to tell everyone they know contact: Darrel Issa
Tell him
-STOP forcing Post Office to fund 75 YEARS of future benefits in 10 years
-Strike the 2006 law --restore the POST OFFICE --for All
-Tweet him non-stop: http://twitter.com/#!/darrellissa
-E-mail him: http://www.issaforcongress.com/

Help get ex used car salesman, now wealthiest member of House of Representatives Darrel Issa OUT of office in 2012
--Find out who is running against Issa for re-election:
support his opponent -Donate - Vote

- 10 "Food of the Jews of France"

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