daVine November '11 in Silver Lake

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November 2011 - Event Calendar - Part II

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- confirm event before plans - stuff happens, change without notice

Griffith Park Adult Center - November - categories - all activities - Lunch menu

Echo Park Film Center: November Schedule - Map

Collaboration of art: "Pacific Standard Time" - ever assembled in California, possibly US --celebration of Los Angeles Art 1945 - 1980 --68 cultural institutions - offering any form of art -exhibition -workshop -play -interaction October 2011 - March 2012 --beach to desert, Santa Barbara to San Diego: Bookmark open link to see events each day

17 Thursday
Going green --green wannabe biz --green idea: bring any printed material, have drinks with East Side Green Drinks peeps - location this month

18 Friday
Farmer's Market: Echo Park - no organic sellers, accepts WIC, SNAP - SEE Food -blog/right

Live jazz: Bruce Eskovitz Jazz Orchestra - Free, no reservations - Bing Theater

19 Saturday
Farmer's Market: Silver Lake -shop carefully for the very few Certified Organic sellers - SEE Food -blog/right

You've seen it for years but now really See: Art Deco Union Station train depot - walking guided tour with LA Conservancy

20 Sunday
Walking tour Biltmore Hotel - LA Conservancy - Downtown

Lecture, Film, Book signing: all about Myrna Loy - Art Deco Society

21 Monday
Mushroom Club Monthly meeting - lecture: Weird, Weird, Weird Fungal Chemistry & Physiology - news of up-coming forays, events -more - Nat Museum

22 Tuesday
The Day...
He --with brains, hero's record, passion, compassion, wit, grace, killer smile... love
of family -friends -nation --with nation's hopes for the future, went to the city of Brotherly Hate, of rabid who made right-wingers seem weak, as he waved to sparse crowd of well-wishers that sunny day... drove into murder, heart-breaking history November 22, 1963... from which we have neither forgotten nor fully recovered... rest in peace John Kennedy...

Matinee: The Bridge on the River Kwai - showing all the ingredients of how to make a great movie, like director David Lean, William Holden, Alec Guinness, Jack Hawkins, Sessue Hayakawa, writers Pierre Boulle, Carl Foreman, Michael Wilson - 1957 $2 - LACMA

24 Thursday
The unique American day Thanksgiving --not for helping greedy giant retailers -not proving one is easily-manipulated chump --not scoring a mattress -giant TV -shiny unneeded objects cheaper, but for reflection, giving thanks for all that we have...

Two-hour Thanksgiving Day Parade --commercial balloons and lip-synced songs, with hokey cliché commentary, my view, but our 'tradition' - knbc

To know for sure it's a holiday: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving paired with: This Is America, Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers - kabc

25 Friday
National holiday - closed: federal, state & local government -agencies -departments, courts; open: NY Stock Exchange to 10 am PST/1 pm EST - traditional day for retail shopping, start a new one: corner commerce, shop local not national chains

26 Saturday
If there is buying you need to do, be the change you want to see: shun corpulent corporations, shop corner commerce all month --help local business thrive, they don't hire lobbyists/pervert Congress members
Football: UCLA Vs USC - the annual rivalry - LA Coliseum --since 1976: when UCLA wins the following year has been a good one, and converse also true; we've had enough bad news --go Bruins
- After this so-called game (no, I'm not writing final score, too fed up), we know two things: 1) UCLA needs to Hire someone familiar with coaching and "football" - 2) Hang on to wallet, pets --Next year will be... ugly
27 Sunday
Streets closed: find alternate routes all around Hollywood -starting early AM, for evening Parade - look for new location today's Hollywood Farmer's Market

80th time Hollywood hosts: Hollywood Christmas Parade - Marine's Toys for Tots benefit - surprise celebrities, vintage cars, horses, bands & Santa - Hollywood - yes, a bit hokey, yes, on TV & re-run in a week, but bundling up, 'borrowing' some children from willing parents, bagging curb spot will make good memories when coping with next year's nasty surprises

Wine + bistro food + Soul Food - Vino cinema, Melrose - SEE Local Movie -blog/right

29 Tuesday
In the place where the frost-bitten come to thaw, enjoy our winter and view of surrounding mountains tipped white, we don't have snow or ice so we make our own: 14th Pershing Square Ice - ice skating rink, open now November through January 16
- skate $6 -skates $2
December 10: Winter Holiday Festival - free
December 12 - 23: Twelve Nights of Christmas - live music, evenings
December 20:
Hanukkah Celebration
December 19 - January 6:
Lunch time music concert, weekdays - 2 hours - free
Thanks, LA Parks & Rec

Preview of:
It’s Christmas, Snoopy!” - Knotts Berry Farm show - on winter-transformed Pershing Square holiday ice, Downtown

Another Good Reason to live here: Beer Emporium sorta-holiday tasting, with cheese - now no more searching, huge space opened in Spring, micro brews, hundreds, in the 'hood, Sunset x EP Blvd

30 Wednesday
New York City: annual Rockefeller Center Holiday show -singers, gigantic-tree lighting --broadcasters used to have all kinds of beautiful Christmas specials, now they can't bother to even re-run Sinatra -Dean Martin -Perry Como holiday specials, so make a batch of cocoa, snuggle up and catch this one or see none - knbc

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US Post Office: written into the Constitution by the founders, oldest American institution
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- National Bird Count
- Holiday Matinee - Million Dollar Theater
- SLJCC Festival of Lights

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