Money Madness, Tuesday 2-17-09 PM

How did we --non-banker, non-Wall Street whiz/wize-guys, get down here, in the weeds? CNBC attempted, Friday February 13, to explain how the greed disease of people who worked in banking, mortgage, finance --institutions we counted on, inflicted --infected first Americans, then the world; ripped off all of us.

"House of Cards" was okay, if you hadn't followed it as it happened at the time. I have: the piece was incomplete. --It left out half the story. It didn't interview or explain: the people at the top who ran the Ponzi scheme that stripped Americans, then the world of wealth -security -pavement we were supposed to be able to stand on. Those who KNEW what they were doing --to everyone else, remain in their 'ivory towers' unrepentant, un-interviewed, un-indicted. It left out: 'rulers' --"experts" --regulators who were supposed to be the lions at the gate. It also left out: any sketch of What To Do Now --How To --repair --restore --remain sane, without a home...pension...job.

Perhaps "FRONTLINE" will do a better job:
Tuesday, February 17 - 9 pm PT- KCET "Inside the Meltdown"
How the economy went so bad so fast, what Bernanke and Paulson didn't stop, couldn't fix

So far: I haven't heard any talking head 'experts,' clever bobble-heads say one thing that is on-point to Correct this mess. The media: was far too busy shoveling celebrities on OUR air time; couldn't be bothered with looking at --examining what was going on, at the time. Now: the bobble-heads and the "experts" don't shut up. Neither do they say anything that Helps, they're all too busy Reacting.

The obvious has been obviously wrong
Things ain't too good, not even in Silver Lake daVine. FRONTLINE has earned superb reputation, maybe they will do a good job of examining the money mess/those who got us here. If not: let us hope we see prosecutors do it better --soon.
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