Food Alert: Bargain Today

Doubtless developers and their pals --those who are supposed to represent all of us, have tried to rip it down, but: the Original Pantry diner has stood for eight decades --today, April 29, is its 85th birthday. Ex Los Angeles Mayor Riordan bought it in the1980s and hasn't changed a thing, it still looks like the 1920s, though I'm pretty sure the waiters are newer. To celebrate: he's making stack of pancakes and cup of Jo a bargain --$.85 --for the whole day.

The Pantry is on the corner of 9th & Figueroa, LA. Parking can be tricky, better to leave the car wherever and take DASH/or bus. If not: look on 9th (one-way) for a space, BUT mind the street signs --vicious LA meter-monsters way not celebrating --getting towed is nasty/way no bargain --City Council members have to get the fat salary some how. (Usually: coffee is $2.+! --Riordan also likes money.)

If you haven't ever(???) been: The Pantry is cash only and open 24/7 --all year. If you see a line in front, no worries, just fall in. Bon appetite! map

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