Silver Lake daVine Calendar '09: May

...merry month of May...Stress Test month for bankers --avians & swine --next City Attorney --CA budget writers --voters -auto makers -workers -home owners, home-less -two year old horses, toddlers -teachers -mommies -immigrants, citizens, wannabes --wonderers, wanderers... worrying, but what will that accomplish, and, really, what will it matter in a 100 years...Garcetti didn't get us a DASH (yet???) --but Nature isn't un-employed: the greatest garden of the great US is our own backyard --Griffith Park...take time to see the beauty, the green --the greatness, here & now, it's still free and so are you... dust off your best Derby hat, mix up a batch of Juleps & mint...and enjoy... breath deep, the perfume has arrived, it's spring time in Silver Lake... daVine...

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Verify first before plans...

Dancing, sorta...
1 pm until 9 pm --at least ~May Pole not: If it's May 1 in Los Angeles, there's no dancing around...it's Protest Time --for those who want Instant Immigrant-legal and those who Don't --Immigration reform/Don't... mind how/where you go, large chunks will be seriously Off Limits, impact surrounding streets with big ripple effect --here's a basic To Avoid, with marches rolling on various streets, different start times:
-Olympic-Pico to Caesar Chavez/Sunset
-Alameda -Broadway -Spring –Grand –Ord
--all around City Hall, of course, Chinatown will be a mess
well just forget all of downtown, all day and fingers crossed LAPD doesn't cost the rest of us another $3 million, this time, with their whacky batons and 'judgment,' etc., good luck to everyone --rain is predicted tonight, perhaps we'll all get lucky....

afternoon ~ Farmer's Market, Echo Park - see Sidebar

am ~ Farmer's Market, Silver Lake --this market doesn't accept Food Stamps or Wic --but why not, all markets are supposed to, to get licensed, See: Sidebar for details

Artists Advice
10 am - 1 pm ~ Artists' Tune-up: sit at a table :25, hear experts on advocacy, health insurance, public art, news, back to school, getting your act together, working in k–12, plus -then move to another table --for artists and for small foundation reps, with different topics --Free -but registration urged, Senior Center, Whittier, but it's an LA County event - registration: here Or: http://www.lacountyarts.org/ and click: Announcements

Foreclosure Counseling
10 am - 1 pm ~ Law Day Clinic --Free: 75 volunteer lawyers will see if you can modify loan, determine steps if fraud, and more, bring all relevant documents including income --got grief, show up APALC

1+ pm ~ Horses run for the roses: Kentucky Derby --get those mint Juleps and bets ready --probably viewable lots of places, but KNBC for sure

1 pm ~ Baseball: Dodgers vs San Diego Padres, Dodger Stadium - tickets $9 - 500. + beer, dogs...

2 pm ~ Hooked on Classics: Ancient Antiquarianism around the Bay of Naples --ways ancient Romans collected, displayed the "Old Masters" of their day —ancient Greek art from diverse periods and places --lecture Free, no reservations

If you Know why Mexicans celebrate: Cinqo de Mayo --honoring a non-revolutionary ordinary battle, with the French --nothing to do with Mexican Independence, tell me/Comment, I've never understood it

Silver Lake
7 pm ~ Neighborhood Council: Governing Board meets, 1st Wednesdays --got news, gripes, pleas? --Want to protest DWP rate hike -multi-elections -City gov waste -obscene parking meters -no DASH? Sign up to speak -same night, they'll give you :03, they rep us/they listen --open to all neighborhood stakeholders Board

9 pm ~ New series on Public TV: "WW II Behind Closed Doors: Stalin, the Nazis and the West" --three parts, airs on KCET, finally, but between the non-stop tin-cupping and near daily Val Zavala spam (she uses up $3 million bucks??? --of the $7 million budget???), anyone else fed up with KCET this year? KVCR Riverside with gardening -"Hitchcock" -vegetarian cooking -Sunday nite 1950s (--Jack Benny, Ricky Nelson, George Burns hoot) shows and much more, on far less budget, hugely superior and they don't beg nitely/all week-end

8 pm ~ Secrets of the Dead: "Michelangelo Revisited "- investigation into incongruities, KCET details

9 pm ~ Part II - WW II Behind Closed Doors: Stalin, the Nazis and the West - Cracks in the Alliance Autumn 1941 to December 1943 - KCET two hours
--as good as this three-part series is, if your time is spent elsewhere, it repeats: Saturday evening --if there's no way you're going to miss:

9 pm ~ "Lost" - ABC --miss even one episode: you'll be even more lost than the ex passengers...
6 am - all day ~ Bicycle to Work Day, Metro participation -gifts -free rides -See -METRO -bike website details

11:30 am - 2 pm ~ Farmer's Market, downtown - 1st x Spring -City Hall lawn -all organic, good lunch variety kiosks (great grape leaves-sauce) -no Food Stamps or Wic accepted, application pending - Thursdays
pm ~ Farmer's Market, Echo Park - See Sidebar FOOD
am ~ Farmer's Market, Silver Lake - See Sidebar FOOD

8 am - 3 pm ~ Basketball 'shootout' and 2 - 3 pm - Contest, all ages, hosted by LAPD Rampart Division, 1200 Colton St., confirm: 213-484-3064

10 am - 4 pm ~ Endearing, enduring--23rd year--Little Tokyo event for children: “Chibi-K” kicks off Children’s Day, Japanese American Community Center, 244 S. San Pedro, Little Tokyo

1 - 6 pm - Silver Lake: Neighborhood Nursery School - homemade food -games -silent auction -music -heirloom quilt raffle --$12 entrance -$10 at website: http://www.neighborhoodnurseryschool.org/ --includes food -under age 10 free - 323-804-3466

Tellie - Sport
4:30 ET - 3:00 pm Actual race - local ~ Horse Race Pt II: if you saw the Kentucky Derby --was that thrilling or what -ceo's, millionaires and such with mega-buck horses flown in on private jets --bested by a $9,500 horse, driven to Kentucky, by a scrappy trainer, with a passionate jockey, in 2nd-longest lead in 150 years -so under-rated paid $50/1, yikes! (where's a bookie when you need one) --then see if:
Mine That Bird wins #2 of Triple Crown, the Preakness --with a different jockey (huh???) - KNBC (--keep "mute" button handy for Excessive commercials) --did anyone else want jockey, somebody, to kiss the horse?

4 pm ~ Diane Hammond, Author, reading: "Hannah's Dream" -her best-selling novel, a story close to that of Billy, the elephant trapped at the LA City Zoo - Details

8 pm ~ Feeding hungry filmmakers produces: Lunchfilms --short films --equal to the cost of lunch by 'producers' - Echo Park Film Center - Details
~ Election prep: read statements of City Attorney candidates --and their record; state ballot measures for yourself --especially the 'fine' print --in Voter pamphlet or on-line; see if any neighbors need a lift to the polling place --don't: don't complain when City gets the arrogant one who doesn't know how to prosecute and he gets another pension; the state solves problems with more debt and your bank account, again --but not your in-put

5 pm - 9 pm ~ Had enough junk food? Elegant unique menu for the gourmet: Flavors of Los Angeles - five-course dinner and complimenting wines -special menu & setting prepared for each table, seating ten, by one of nine best restaurant exec chefs in LA - 5 pm Cocktails & Silent Auction - 6:30 pm Dinner -reservation, Details
7 pm ~ Mind Sunset Blvd rush-hour traffic: Dodgers Vs New York Mets - tickets $9 - 225. Dodger Stadium -maybe the new guy can get his hair & stupidity cut while he's on 'vacation' --and the club can think of a school-related thing to do with all those millions saved --like fund all City after-school programs, for a year

Scare the Hell Outta Politicians Day
7 am - 8 pm ~ Vote: state-wide Election --want to put Serious scare into politicians? Show up at your polling place, mark a ballot --oh, you're afraid to vote the 'wrong' way? Do some homework, but VOTE --politicians count on you NOT showing up then doing whatever they want --without your opinion getting in their way --get in their way, they represent You, You pay them, they work for You --the more votes, the greater their fear/better response --how else did major Opposition to past eight years --get voted in to White House, Senate, House. You can't be bothered? Then don't bitch when --CA school children get dumber --politicians get a raise, even in bad times --your next purchase slapped with 9.25% tax on Top of Phone tax, DWP rate hike, etc., etc., etc. --you don't vote, then you pay --see if: neighbor down the street needs a ride

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