Butterflies --Could Be Free

Did you know: we have a Butterfly Garden? It's in Elysian Park. The Park and the butterflies need help.

If you've been here long enough --to ask the City to pave a street, see about street light repair, mistakenly headed to the library on a Sunday or a Monday,
you know: City in deep deficit. Parks & Rec also took a hit, so they need volunteers --you, to help spiff up the Park for butterflies. It's:

Butterfly Garden, in Upper Angels Point in Elysian Park.

If you have a bit of time, want to help tidy up -make clean good home for butterflies:
call up Mark Jackson
he is Park Maintenance Supervisor,
at Parks & Recreation, for details
at: 213.485.3287

Think of the spectacle --next spring --all the grand photos you could post in flickr --or send here. The butterflies: a part of what makes
Silver lake daVine....

The butterflies and the neighbors will: thank you

Say, if you do a really spiffy job, Silver Lake could be Butterfly Capital of California? --The US? That would be daVine....

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