Silver Lake Gets New Park: Saturday, Bonus Pop-up Eric Garcetti

Neighbors planned, poked, prodded, pushed, for a long time and viola: turned a dingy wedge into newest pocket park in Silver Lake.

Parkman Triangle Park:
will be dedicated on Saturday August 14, 2010
Silver Lake Boulevard at Parkman Avenue
11 am to noon

Added bonus: Silver Lake's $190k wedge on City Council, Eric Garcetti "will be at Dedication" ceremony.

I put that in quotes, from the PR because: A live Eric Garcetti sighting --without TV cameras, is a rare thing, doncha know. PR doesn't say if cameras -TV crew -reporters -real estate developers, suppliers or donation checks will be there. Even when he's scheduled, announced and all, he often doesn't, so if he's a no-show, don't blame me.

Has anyone else noticed: eerie silence coming from City Council chambers --lack of sightings ever since the Bell City "council" scandal broke few weeks ago? The, uh, lack of visuals is amazing/ amusing. Like: if we don't see them --we won't mind --remember they make DOUBLE the salary of reps in state Legislature???

Well, you don't mind, even with free cars -gas -'expenses,' perks, pensions, they lost their ranking --highest-paid city government council in the US, right? After the Bell 'council' lumps--manager got $800,000, twice as much as US President, ditto chief of dinky police over salary of superb Chief of vast LAPD--are in prison: our Los Angeles City Council reps will go back to #1 highest-paid. oh cool.

Hmm, if the 15 'council' members took 50% pay cut: How many libraries -parks -after-school programs could stay open? oh well? You DO know: their Salary will correspond to their Pension --we will have to pay them, for years....

oh well, even if Silver Lake rep can't pop up, squeeze the event into his Saturday: pop over to have a look, thank the neighbors --for mattress-magnet -eyesore, no more. Come back and post your comments about the newest park and sighting (?) in Silver Lake daVine....

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