Silver Lake: NC Listening Saturday

Silver Lake Neighborhood Council will be 'open' Saturday morning-- for listening to thoughts, opinions, plots, schemes. Show up, give them an earful, don't show --don't complain when they don't do your idea, none of the board on record as having ESP.

It's going to be held on anniversary of attack on the US --why? Ask them then come back and post here. Instead of at usual coffee house, for some reason it's:
Issues and Goals - Meeting Agenda
2450 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles 90039
September 11, 2010
10 am – 12 noon

Your government --'hard' at work
The e-mail about this landed in my in-box lunch time Wednesday, I saw it about two hours later. I opened the link, stupid PDF file, and first thing I read:
"...according to Title II...we don't discriminate...if you need assisted device, translator [etc.]
you must give three business day notice."

duh --Wednesday afternoon to Friday: not three business days. Notices out of SLNC, past months, arrive practically on top of event date, I don't even bother posting them, this one too stupid to let slide.

Called a SLNC board member. I could detail the conversation, but I'll skip to the point: SLNC notices have to be sent out by DONE, and used to be handled: by 60 people who did the work of making LOCAL empowerment happen. Now? The brilliant humps squatting on City Council: slashed DONE's budget so severely: 17 people are left to do the work of the now-missing --including, it turns out, the person who sent all the notices for all the Neighborhood Councils, and kept up the mailing lists; also: person who wrote the checks for all the NC's. Cool.

Why bother manipulating in secret to cut neighborhood/stakeholder power, oversight, in-put --of Neighborhood Councils, if staff cut so severely things don't/can't get done. Slick. Why the attitude? Think stakeholders of Bell getting screwed? It is DIZ-gusting what LA City Council humps are paid --supposedly to do the business of running Los Angeles --into potholes.

The least among them: pockets $191,000 every year, for up to 12 years PLUS free car + gas --rent, supplies, postage and, hmmm, "expense account" + "discretionary" account.

How did Prince Eric and his co-conspirators get nearly 1/4 million a year each? You, dear voter: fell for Prince Eric's con, his 'good' deal slid onto the ballot --on no time for serious or even public debate. His "offer": extend their term limits to 12 years, just 12 little years and then poof, we'll be gone. While everybody was watching the right hand --Prince Eric slid his pay deal in with the left.

Eric Garcetti: wrote the bill that gave LA City "Council" salary, wait for it, tied to salary of California Superior Court judges. tada --Plus, no dummy Eric, he made it auto --as in: every January all 15 humps get "auto raise." Pop quiz: think anyone sitting on City "Council" have degrees, knowledge, experience, expertise of a Superior Court judge?

The Los Angeles City "Council" plan for dealing with massive debt, deficit they caused? Well, they stay home once or twice a month, or they leave early on Friday. hmmm, Sounds a lot like business as usual, since City still in debt --libraries lost 28% of budget --taken out on staff, shut-down two days a week, now. Parks & Rec taking huge hit, and on it goes.

All over the City, including the Mayor --cuts, hits, salaries, slash and burn, everyone every department except: Prince Eric and his cohorts. They: still 'worth' salary, "expense account" as usual. oh well?

The Mayor suggested they take a salary cut, various local groups have asked -voted for "council" "reps" to take salary cut, but in the paraphrased words of Bernie Parks--why is that fired ex cop still on public dole--in response: 'it's our pay and we're gonna keep it.' --He tossed part of his "discretionary" account: at paving some allies. Cool. That will feed lots of folks, and nice 'help' on getting missing textbooks into schools. Way to go, Bernie, too bad the Controller cut you off from flying around the country, looking for NFL team. But hey, the scam on voters to get one anyway, working out okay.

Well, voters didn't catch Eric's sleight of hand, voted for his fuzzy math, so he and his 14 pals get to keep on doing sly deals in the back room, screwing up, AKA 'managing' DWP, and doing helpful stuff, for like real estate guys who like want stuff. --No time to examine CRA --or snatch ink pad away from Planning Dept, and others who keep on keep'n on, business as usual, while the City stakeholders get ever-less --services, quality of life.

YOUR City Council rep: pulls down nearly $250,000 a year.... Libraries: closed two days a week...DWP jacks up rates, uses grants meant for residential Green reimbursement --to help their books.

Prince Eric & pals: kinda like mega-corporations who always want employees to do more work for less, so the "important" guys at the top can get More....

This isn't over. I made some calls, start --to figure out what to do about DONE, among other things. If community doesn't/can't get notices about Neighborhood Council --NC can't get checks written, then Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and all the others will die. Real simple.

(Could you use a funny: called Eric's office to talk to legislative aide; receptionist: what do you want to talk about? Me: DONE. She: done what? Me: very funny, connect me please. She: to whom? Me: legislative aide. She: which one? Me: any one who could deal with DONE. She: but which one do you want? Me: how many have you got right now? She: none; they're all in a staff meeting. YEEOUZA, Who's on first, lol, she's an idiot, guess Eric got a "bargain.")

Meanwhile: you can Read ALL the fine print in ballot issues --that stuff Matters. Eric Garcetti KNEW what he was doing. --If you don't vote --vote, don't inform yourself --then, after a judge told the Mayor "tax not legal" --you get slapped up with 10% tax on your phone bill, ten days after election, cuz the ignorant voters Made it legal. oh well, You won't mind paying that tax --every month --forever, permanently, and for "ANY telephone device created in the future" right?

You CAN make Silver Lake a bit more daVine --pop over to the meet & greet Saturday morning --share your thoughts, ideas --participate. They will consider your ideas, but first they have to Hear them.

Mine? I got Tons. Like: jacaranda trees --I still want planted all around the border of Silver Lake, as they are length of SL Blvd --drivers to know instantly they are Inside Silver Lake, we get the flowers and the perfume and the beauty.

Bird houses --put up all over the place; organically around the Meadow, for example. We are loosing birds, song birds at alarming rate. Those toxins people STILL use on lawns, for "weeds" sheesh, NOT helping --you, children --lawn --birds, and, duh, wind up in the ocean, killing off fish, coral, life. I've written on this before, so short version: if country continues to loose birds, insects will flourish --bottom line, no joke, missing link = survival of humans at risk.

Can't manage a bird house at your house: plant a bush/tree that will give birds berries --fruit, in winter; put out a bird bath in winter, or a feeder. No food, no water = no living birds.

And the #1 thing I want? Fireworks! Second most popular page I ever wrote on this site: "Where Are the Good Fireworks" list. Every year: Loads of peeps look for "fireworks in Silver Lake" in all the search engines, land on that page; first paragraph: wanting fireworks IN SL --so I'm not alone. Me: I want to see fireworks anywhere in the 'hood, but I'd Luv to see them on the Meadow... daVine.

You? What do you want in Silver Lake? How should we spend our energy, time, budget to make life better? Go tell 'em, and post below in Comment.

Can't go Saturday? e-mail this page -or send link to friends, neighbors

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