A Bowl Cheesy Dodger Eew News Day

When somebody wants benefits --for themselves: they will tell you/sell you on 'benefits' for you.

LA Coliseum --good enough for USC, two World Olympics Games (1932, 1984),
tons of events --Rose Bowl, good Enough for Annual college football game First Day of Every new year, 4th of July, numerous celebrations, for decades --and more, aren't Enough. Well, not Enough --for them to make money off.

A bunch of billionaire boys--
in hot PR campaign, have Somehow (get out your checkbook?) 'convinced' politicians --Mayor Villaraigosa, Prince Eric (Garcetti) and his court (AKA City 'Council'): Los Angeles --doesn't have Enough bowls --'right' kind of bowl --enough football here --to lure a pro football team. So they are pushing the "benefits" of building another bowl --to Get a pro football team to move from wherever to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles has desperate "need" for billionaire-boys to play here?? NFL --has 'desperate' need to operate in Los Angeles? Really? Bernie Parks, "council" member: spent a freak'n fortune flying around, on our money of course, trying to Convince, but came home, trip after trip, only with receipts.

The BBs are pushing "benefit" --of ripping up LA's Convention Center --of
nearby small businesses 'clamming' up --of Metro going along --of no complaints on those clever "City" bonds --of getting a Shiny New Bowl: with temporary "employment" of job-less construction workers.

Hmmm.... Show of hands: who thinks the Boys will hire union workers --won't get any kind of, uh, refund for hiring any workers? --Believes "Promise" won't cost City a cent? If you raised your hand: send me your e-mail address, I'll hook you up with a swell deal on a bridge -going cheap.

Parents of the billionaire boys: didn't raise stupid kids
After they got an insurance company assurance they would fork over $700 Million bucks --to them --to name the Shiny New Bowl, they went and 'convinced' politicians we "need" a Shiny New Bowl.

Then they trotted on over to Sacramento, had a jaw with Speaker Perez, Mr. Padilla and some more of the boys --who represent who
--who want in on the action --and TaDa! Before Any billionaire pro ball owner/ball club has signed up, or even hinted they would, "our" representatives in Legislature: made a Bright Shiny Special new law for them.

If anybody gets 'cranky' on Shiny New Bowl idea: well 'crankiness' goes straight to court, fast --so any annoying Environmental Impact Review --of how their Bowl will affect everybody else, doesn't slow down them/Shiny New Bowl construction. Shoot, Why didn't You get one of those deals?

Too Late, now: this afternoon Governor Brown --signed up, put his John Hancock/state seal on the deal --to put any Bowl EIR dispute --into speed court. Billionaire Boys: won't have to slog it out, for years, if anybody doesn't like the impact --of all that rubble, dust, destruction, destroyed structures --and deleted revenue to LA....

If they find toxic waste under bulldozed convention center, like under late great Ambassador Hotel rubble --oh well?
They can just --hand out phone number to 9/11 fire fighters, well to the ones still alive.

The Bill the Governor signed Includes: any Other potential "deal worth $100 Million" bucks Also gets to go to Environmental Review

Well, what could go wrong...
Remember how the billionaire boys 'stepped up' --when City submitted an invoice --then had to demand to be reimbursed for all the Metro re-routing, LAPD -DOT over-time, and Sanitation
expense after Michael Jackson memorial service? oh well?

Say, what Else don't we have Enough of --that AEG Billionaire Boys want 'for' us?? In the immortal words of David Letterman: Hold onto your wigs & keys --and try to watch where Billionaire Boys go --it will be Next Shiny New Thing we 'don't' have Enough of....

Cheese chase: I'm crazy for grilled cheese sammiches, who isn't, but not so crazy I'm willing to chase to Ventura --Torrance --Venice and far east for one, they're never nearby. But Finally: cheesy grilled goodness --
truck will be Close Enough --tomorrow, Wednesday September 28 --Dinner on the Go, on Olympic - Map
Can't hardly wait....

In days of our lives --with Mr. McCrack, according to author Zirin who said "he lives like Caligula on crack," continuing saga: the pack of lawyers he packed off to bankruptcy court --to get Another extension, caused somebody else to push a pack to put down papers to the court --

The billionaire sleazeball who spied --on cell phones of celebrities, and a missing girl, found dead, then lied to Parliament that he didn't Know --all those checks he signed went to hackers to hack phones --
the private conversations 'magically' got printed in his papers, filed suit on Mr. McCrack.

Bilious Billionaire Rupert Murdoch --what giant thing doesn't he own:
late today his pack of wolves filed to prevent McCrack from auctioning off the TV rights, his plan to get hisself More Moolah, because, BB whines, it's 'breech of contract' --BB to benefit off broadcasting the Dodgers until 2012. --McCrack figures he's holding the piece of paper, so it Must be his benefit?

Locals care --about the Dodgers --who needs stupid football. The 2ND-most popular page on this site: Dodger Stadium seat map. I think these billionaire bores: should issue barf bags with their press announcements.

Tommy Lasorda suited up for Dodgers last home game last week --but he couldn't put on his usual twinkle at what has happened to his favorite team.... Happily: Baseball League is very involved --they want Caligula cut, no matter if he has 'divided' parts of the premises to make sale difficult --TV rights ain't gonna save him.

League: has spoken --voted him off the island --involved in court's bankruptcy decisions -now set for October 12 --or may be stayed/moved up?? Whew....

Who gets your vote: to buy the Dodgers?
Mark Cuban --too busy, the League --not a good idea... former Dodgers: a deal that could get the deed --and dead traffic back on Sunset on game nights, again. --Who would know -care more than former players... Steve Garvey & Co seems right, could get Tommy's twinkle back....

~Easy Money --Eew
You vote --for the person you think Best --but before they even get to floor of Congress: seasoned and newbie must dial for dollars, for Party, for re-election,
every day. You --didn't want two un-funded wars, but a war-profiteer, uh, contractor with deep pockets does, so you don't even get a hearing.

No longer supreme court has ruled, Citizens United case, "corporations are people --have right of speech" --and to plow as much Money as they want, to any in elected office.

Dylan Ratigan, on MSNBC: today presented Plan to Get Money Out of Politics. Evolved from discussions of regular panelists, which include an active lobbyist, they've written a Constitutional Amendment that would prevent federal office from accepting corporate or individual money --to get Easy sleazy vote-buying/influence-peddling money OUT of Politics.

We need good governance, not good money-changers.
Will it succeed?

Be the change you want to see
You can stay disgusted American --or you can read, sign Petition to Get Money Out, at Dylan Ratigan page.

What a day ...well, at least we got our streets back, Mr. Obama loosened traffic when he lifted off today... when you return Mr. President: Please use a helicopter, please
...daVine?? exhausting Tuesday....

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