Traffic Trouble --Heads Down, Heads Up

The Texas 'good' ol' pals --who spied --on Americans, so thanks to The Thug & The Dick, then lied --then spread enough dough through the halls of Congress to get a hall pass to by-pass prosecution, prison when oops, they didn't get a pass from a judge, at their dysfunctional usual, again.

Saturday thousands of cell phone customers
in Los Angeles:
listening to the sounds of silence --after hundreds of cell towers reported down... how do "hundreds" of towers all go down at same time? NASA's bad manners/space-side trash hit them? oh well T-Mobile, thanks to Department of Justice and anti-trust laws, and their customers happily don't have to care.

"Los Angeles area AT&T customers may have issues with wireless service,” the company said in Twitter ...about 1,000 cellphone towers...out of service

That's droll...

People (sheep?) bought a phone
--voted/spent their money knowing it/they would be attached to criminal AT&T --uh, mystery to me Why, minus even a jot of sympathy. Small wonder: corporations do whatever --indifferent to customers, ethics --when people Ignore what corporations do --sign up, become customers, sheep.... The Money given to corporations: shoved at Congress members --to get ever more pugnacious --privileged --powerful.

Oh well, remember that: when you're getting a cell phone to tuck into the Earthquake kit --you're assembling, right?

Meanwhile... Mind Where You Go
For anyone still looking down, waiting waiting for cell service: that trip around town will be ...interesting: streets shut all over the place.
Saturday to Monday:
No north-south streets
that cross Olympic open: between Fairfax - Harbor Freeway
From beach to downtown:
some 3,000 supposedly sane will swim -then bicycle -then hoof it, around downtown

For more amusement: Sunday
most of Hollywood will be DOA for the French circus (--Why does 'Council' do this stuff)
All around Hollywood x Highland: shut till Monday morning
--and good luck getting groceries --a movie --your sanity this week-end.

But Keep Looking Up
It's a bird --a plane --Santa: nope --about the time City gets broom-clean from the hoofers and the circus: President Obama will be in the skies over LA... and traveling here and there and good luck with that.
September 26:
Sunset Blvd.
should be... different --from House of Blues, his destination, could be backed up to who knows --Hollywood --downtown?
La Cienega
--fergetaboutit --any of it
Surrounding streets: rolling shut-down... traffic could be Dead Stop in All directions

Well by then cell phone towers might be working --you could --call your shrink --a pharmacist who delivers --be sure to tell your car color, nearest corner....
September 27:
over~the hill~of Beverly~through~the~woods West... on his way outta town --mid-morning?
why can't he bring a helicopter, instead of The Beast SUV, like a good scout...

Well at least there's no blues --beach --circus in Silver Lake... how daVine...

Apropos of Absolutely Nothing, except Fun...
While I was looking for something for this: I saw a headline --for my fantasy....

I traveled around the world for several months, late 1980s. After recovery from Serious Case of jet lag and boredom: I started a business which was as much fun as I hoped, far more work than I imagined; for ages/eons couldn't/didn't go anywhere. Driving to/from my business I compose an ad --imagine the details --hitching a ride on a jet plane.... Then I Saw It:

Try a Private Jet, at Public Prices

--Oh I just KNEW stupid recession/pull-back/job-killers would be good for Something. --There it was: private plane owners --willing to sell a seat on a dead-head leg, now --pooling for gas money. Oh Joy, YES. It was Too Good not to include here. If you've ever dreamed of doing it Your way, instead of TSA's highway, here it is. How too daVine... Bon Appetite

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