daVine UPDATE: Dodgers -Dow -Debt -Double-dealer

"...lifestyle ..like Caligula on crack" McCourt, sorta the owner of our Dodgers, sent another pack of very over-priced paper-pushers to court --to get another new deadline. Now October 15: if the judge rules --against he who uses team as his cash cow, then he, supposedly, will sell the team (--is he sole owner?). Potential buyer Bill Berg wants extension; sly FOX contract (TV rights) to be auctioned --McCaligula's last hope (--for cash to flow his way); sly FOX, owned by he who spied, lied--on the famous, then to Parliament, respectively--announced intention to sue --for "breach" of contract.

McCaligula reacted to hiring of Security --by leaving vast stadium parking lot un-secure when he learned his ex wife did the hiring. Reportedly he knew there was potential for violence in the lot, but he 'got her good' by putting no one in charge --until LAPD Chief Beck ordered new rules, cops --and McCrack to pay.

Of all those self-serving parties: Who is looking out --where is breach of contract for fans?

Mr. Stow, Giants fan opening day visitor, very slowly recovering from that 'good get' --vicious beating by sub-human scum. Today it was announced: he talked, asked for his children, knew his birth date.... Good news....

At noon I flipped on the financial channel, as usual, to see what was happening in the market --whoa, not usual: the 30 stocks --used as 'bait' to reel in the unknowing, AKA Dow Jones Industrials, down more than 500 points.

Most --who have corporate-tied/funded pension -hope for future --investment 'skills' of greed, fear, ignorance, no memory looked at that and, I'm sure, freaked. As one who learned how to trade the market on technicals, not on fundamentals, I thought: market on sale today --bargains everywhere!

By the close: gold --oil --silver --commodities all down, Dow down just under 400 points. If you're freaked --or frozen, and in the market as investor not trader, realize: in five -ten years what happened today Unimportant. Proof: when the market crashed in 2008 plenty of stocks went to single-digit -many went down to $.25 --but did you buy? Few did --or even Remember: Ford could have been had for $1.

IF You Wanna Know...
Look around --for a company doing business in non-sleazy business, e.g., not bankster -Franken-food -fracking others' water, with good dividend, balance sheet and down price today --on long up-ward curve and go long/buy. Good deals all over the market, now.

He who Speaks for the House --and gets run by Tea-sippers, thought he Had them, but when the bill to fund government till November was put on the floor: Mr. Boehner got boned --and the Proof he's in control of No One, Nothing. Even 50 Democrats bailed --refused to vote for the bill: 'poison pill' buried in it which required funding for FEMA --to aide those newly home-less from storms, floods to be Paid-For or no funds. Nice.

Second in 'command' Mr. Cantor: also doesn't mind --if his own constituents traipse through Virginia muck and mud un-aided --weeks after hurricane flooded everything, except his home, apparently. That's how Republicans roll... they didn't even bother sending FEMA, funded or not, for a week to New Orleans five years ago after Katrina hit.

Show of hands: who wants more Republicans in charge --of any government.

It will be Your turn Next year -vote 2012, if you don't fall off one of the 69,000 rusty -cracked -swaying bridges ready to go that they also don't care about repairing....

Do Republicans: have their own private stash of water, oxygen? Or some kind of 'converter' that will let them consume coal, oil they keep 'protecting'?

Double Trouble
While the market was crashing Hewlett Packard decided, apparently, 'perfect' day to send out announcement: they fired the CEO, hired a new one....

Who Did They Hire?
If you've ever received 'notice' that 'someone' used a stolen credit card --so your bank account was drained 'till the matter is cleared' --prevented from doing your usual on-line business on line --then 'magically' it got 'cleared up' 90 or 180 days later, you Know who is the new CEO: sleight-of-hand magician Meg Whitman.

You remember Meg: she's the one who crammed nearly $200 Million bucks, much of it into Los Angeles, during her campaign to take over governing California. Where did she get all those millions --How did Meg get to be a billionaire? By using that scheme --to rack up millions, over and over, for herself, with PayPal as the hook. How: once the money gets drained out of an account it gets rolled --into a jumbo CD, and after it matures in 90 or 180 days, eBay, which owns not-your-pal, pockets the interest they made on Others' money and cc 'thief' disappears/ customers' funds returned.

How can they do it? No-Pal: obeys NO banking laws --in NO country. People --businesses --non-profits Think it's "safe" to use PayPal, cuz they're famous?, but Wrong. Ex employees have testified in trials, but no authorities seem to care --or, stretched budgets, have allowed PayPal to skate --on this illegal activity.

Now the queen of now-you-see-it, now-you-don't: will run Hewlett --into what? That's one stock: I wouldn't own if the stock certificates arrived gift-wrapped. Fair Warning --Only Meg will wind up up by millions. Look out below....

What a daVine day.... So how was yours?

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