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When Silver Lake Farmer's Market began it was puny -few stalls, small selection. Now it's got different management, lot's of variety and one of the few markets offering Certified organic produce.

Want pesticide with that?
Some people selling produce: will tell you "no pesticide" --and "no Certificate" proof they're telling the truth and if you saw Joel Grover's KNBC report on "farmer's" markets you know you don't know what you're getting if vendor isn't Certified. --Many were/are bagging produce from Produce Mart then setting up a cardtable --to reel in the unsuspecting and mega-bucks.

What's a "small amount" of pesticide -herbicide here and there?
is counting? Even if you eat only three veggies/fruit a day grown with pesticide -herbicide -artificial/chemical fertilizer: after a week you've taken in a Load --after a year: why is anyone upset/surprised America has more cancer than any other country --indestructible insects --very very wealthy chemical industry corporate criminals?

How Powerful?
Produce grown with toxins: is called "conventional" while food grown without Man-made interference is labeled "organic" --how nuts is that? Thank chem industry, supermarket chains.

How powerful: chemical industry has so much money, spread so far --they Don't have to prove a thing to FDA. --They can produce any chemical -any toxin and shove onto market without evidence safe for human -creature -environment. The only way to know True effect of a toxin on humans: I've plowed through dozens of OSHA papers --toxin-makers cannot evade, for employee health.

oh What a Surprise: insects, with built-up tolerance to all those toxins --gives rise to next gen: produce with genes genetically altered -gmo --franken-food --food fight FDA lost, TaDa aren't watched by FDA, monitored for effect on humans --or even labeled in ingredient list....

Insects: part of the chain --for birds, no edible insects, no birds; songbird population: nearly extinct --have you heard one --past five years? No big deal? Wanna eat fish that swam in run-off --of your neighbor's Round-up toxic lawn "care"?

You do know: that "conventional" stuff is in juice -packaged goods...without hint of notice....

organic peach: doesn't need "ingredient" list...

Silver Lake Farmer's Market
The vendors: unusually nice, knowledgeable. Outstanding variety: all kinds of greens; superb bread --local bakery, 100% whole wheat --doesn't taste like wallpaper paste; local is In Season fruit, fat dates... I had nectarines this summer so intense -perfumed -superb haven't gotten out of my mind.... Ya know Nature isn't stupid... there's No good reason to be eating stuff stuffed into planes -grown in a different season -shipped thousands of miles....

Mid-market: food truck
-one end offers juice...$3 goofy price, but when it's really hot: not sweet and made with organic lemons --I've not seen anywhere else; other end: prepared food, though cannot (lol) remember what I've eaten (tapas?) -only that I've had to wait for a seat so plenty others also think tasty -good take-home. Another plus: SL Market very good for flowers -wide variety, very reasonable.

Saturday morning - 1 pm --except for LA Marathon or extreme weather
--but if you're running late you can still find goods at 1:30 pm
or if that's not good: SEE Food -blog/right for other nearby Farmer's markets
What's on offer now --September, in addition to basics -lettuce, carrot, tomato, etc:
# Apples
# Pears
# Winter Squash
# Broccoli
# Kale
# Chard
# Beets
# Turnips
# Oranges
# Tangerines
# ...and more

Kale? --There's some recipe for good kale -somewhere...?

Market details and other local Farmer's Markets: SEE Food -blog/right

UPDATE Negotiators for supermarkets and union
announced Monday:
they talked all night to arrive at some kind of resolution on health-care issue to stop the strike --at least until union members vote, next week.

--Buy direct from farmers for your good health--
Use food as your medicine, Plato
Remember: it is 'super'markets that got us down the road of plastic (petroleum) water bottles -so they wouldn't have to lift glass bottles; plastic bags --fish -bird -planet-killing --they now whine to local government 'will kill jobs if eliminated.'
If supermarkets have employee strike (this week-end): local street markets will be even more valuable.


- - - - -
A man got some baseball caps --pre-Internet -pre-'socialized' corporate invasion, offered all for $1. during Los Angeles Olympics --sold out immediately, so then offered another item with same results and thus, if you don't know/forgotten, was born: $.99 Store

Though huge, same person still owns the chain, and does something bizarro/used to be ordinary: behaves the way he would want to be treated. Pays more than Minimum Wage, hires -promotes any gender, oddly even English-challenged; Truly Whacko: new hires receive stock options --after only two years of employment worker can cash in -get company's then-current stock price in cash. If you know another corporation in America does that: POST in Comments.

What's In It for You
When Wall Street weasels jacked price of oil to $149 a barrel in 2008, remember? --when even Trader Joe's raised prices to cover transportation cost --and kept, he didn't --until this year. Now: $.99 things cost--wow--$1. Items that were 3/.99 replaced with $.59 and good luck finding that price for a thing anywhere else.

Everyone(?) knows $.99 Store is The place for staples --paper products, foil, wax paper, Ajax, etc., but why pay 3. to 7. for coffee filters, even cone type, when they can be had for --. Chuck the savings into savings account -on more bargains:

-limes: several, bagged
-cucumber: often pkg of two
-salad greens: bagged Italian -Cole slaw mix -reg. salad mix
What else: this week I got two Portobello mushrooms not for usual 7. to 17. per/lb everywhere, but for $one, wow
-celery: CA-grown, trimmed
-melon: maybe store's-best bargain --honey dew, cantaloupe or watermelon --not by the pound, entire melon $1. (ripe: honey dew skin 'squeaky' -stem end slight give; cantaloupe: yellow, not green, even 'netting' -slight perfume -stem end slight give; watermelon: thump a few till one sounds good)
I'd skip: tomato -carrot --only rarely offered organic

Look in grocery section
--carefully, not everything available all the time, but go once a week to nab:
-artichoke hearts -in glass (cannot buy for less than 3.59 anywhere else)
-mustard: 17 oz squeeze container
-pineapple: brand name (don't buy 'nibbles' that's left-overs, get whole slices)
-olives: good deal -California-grown black, green --all sizes -pitted -pimento-stuffed -onion-stuffed -sliced, glass and canned
-jam: sometimes super --French imports -tiny hotel-special jars
-no way, all really bad: coffee
-spices --very good deal; usu. offer black pepper; Mexican dried peppers
#1 Reason to shop: name another place to buy Extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil --for a buck (--sometimes: canola oil; soybean oil)

If you're going to eat some anyway, why pay more:
-Dots, Butterfingers, Mars, etc.,
-my fav: espresso bean hard candy (not sweet)
-saw a Halloween idea: Milky Way --3 oz bag --individually-wrapped pieces, so that's a good deal for handing out to trick-threatners
-nuts, seeds, raisins, cranberries
-granola packages

Cold Section
Warning: don't buy Any item without reading ingredient list; I saw frozen peach pie this week, with "propyl glycol" listed --it makes things "smooth" but if you think your body is okay place for petroleum: I've got hellofa deal for you on a bridge going cheap.
-margarine - spread -"partially hydrogenated any oil" (= trans fats)
-high fructose corn syrup
-no-calorie/"diet"/aspartame (sweetener: two neuro toxins & formaldehyde --unless you want MS -or brain tumor)
-sliced meat --loaded with nitrates
-any ingredient unfamiliar to you/not found in home kitchen
Good deal:
watch for occasional, e.g.,
-pasta: (few weeks ago) single-serving, frozen -tube pasta, Parmesan, diced tomato, tad of spice, nothing else, obviously non-corporate-made and delish, sorry didn't buy more
-occasionally: pints of Ben & Jerry
-butter: don't know why/how, but often in winter, Dairy Cream -unsalted, two sticks/$1
-cream cheese: no-name but who cares

I wouldn't touch any of the bleached/lard stuff with exception:
-bagels: onion -egg -everything (--if you get there early enough/usu. gone by dinner-time) made by Western Bagel, probably best West coast maker; used to be 6, now 4/$1
-corn tortillas

Around Silver Lake
There are three $.99 Stores: Sunset near Western --Sunset -east end of Sunset Junction --Wilshire x Alvarado. To me: Western store too big, Sunset Junction too small (annoying) not enough selection, Wilshire store just right, though parking ain't easy so bus it.

- - - - -

Good Salad?
By this point you've probably deduced I care about what I eat/who made it/ingredients. Over years I've tried a Lot of salad dressing --bought most expensive -no-name -organic -imported -famous -good-cause -local -clean ingredients --that tasted so bad don't know how anyone could shove it in a jar and actually ask for money, returned for refund. Mostly make my own, since high school since it's so easy --and since now-accessible balsamic vinegar is sooo good, on any thing.

However, I've found four dressings: I cannot make as well -so good that salad -veggies worth buying just to use on them. No bargain, but so worth buying (not in any order):
-Lawry's Sherry Creme French
so good it was worth the trip to the only source, the restaurant, to purchase (had to call ahead), but occasionally available at certain Ralph's (call around -ask them to get)
-Bob's Big Boy Thousand Island
cold-case: so delish willing to eat veggies I don't like just to dip; available at Von's, $1 less at Ralph's
-Bob's Big Boy Bleu Cheese --also Roquefort
cold-case: I've tasted both, no serious reason to spend extra for the French; available at Von's, $1 less at Ralph's
Ever get craving for Chinese salad?
Though I've tried -I'm a good cook, inventive -loathe him, no way have I been able to even come close (I swear an ingredient left off list) to:
-Chinese Salad dressing
cold-case: by Wolf Puck; only place I know it's available: supermarket across from SL Trader Joe's (--used to be Mayfair, blanking on new name); pricey (around $6) and delish worth it

So with one of these: No excuse not to Eat Your Veggies....

Check back later -maybe more good groceries
--if you're hankering for Pie, but pastry-challenged: SEE September Summer Fun Calendar for pie contest --with free, lol, yup, eats --maybe you can also get tips -recipes

Bon Appetite

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