11-11 in Silver Lake daVine

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Check back for on-going up-dates - confirm event, plans change without notice

1 Tuesday

Griffith Park Adult Center - November - all activities - categories - Lunch menu

Echo Park Film Center: November Schedule - Map

Collaboration of art: "Pacific Standard Time" - ever assembled in California, possibly US --celebration of Los Angeles Art 1945 - 1980 --68 cultural institutions - structures -address offering any form of art -exhibition -workshop -play -interaction October 2011 - March 2012 --beach to desert, Santa Barbara to San Diego: open link - Bookmark to see events each day

2 Wednesday

Board of Neighborhood Council: meets first Wednesday, as usual, Micheltorena School auditorium, Sunset, Silver Lake

Free Museum
Entrance to Craft & Folk Art Museum: free day

5 Saturday
Moving Day
US Move Your Money OUT Day: stop paying rip-off charges --to banksters who got Billions from taxpayers --close accounts with Burglars of America --Too Big to Fail/Too Big to Jail/Too Big to Prevent Taxpayer Theft, Bonus Themselves banks --charge to use your own money --Open account --without rip-off fees, ATM charges: at member-share Credit Union, insured at higher amount than banks, or at good regional bank which supports local community -didn't make liar-loan mortgages

Join creative -original -quirk-infused: transform a blank space into a DMV of Your Dreams?? evening of expression --Fund-raiser - Machine Project beneficiary

Spring forward, followed by: Fall back --one hour before you slide between the sheets --I'd like to see Someone promise to End "daylight savings" --the dumbest idea going, some 70 years after it's purpose

6 Sunday
Drawing - for children, families welcome: charcoal Thanksgiving cornucopia led by Helen Marish - free -Barnsdall

Wine +
Bistro serves up wine, food --and a free movie -tonight: "A Walk in the Clouds" -with extensive wine choices - Sunday evenings - Vino cinema - SEE: "Movie" blog/right

8 Tuesday
Entrance to LA County Art Museum: free today at LACMA

Food truck fascination: wagons will not be circled --dining tour tastings for the hungry gourmet, some vegetarian options - begins mid-day downtown - ticket - also Nov 9, 14, 15+

Next generation: food and food choices and preparing for the future? Panel discussion - Food drive included in all events - seat RSVP

Doesn't get steamier --sexier than Burt Lancaster and Debra Kerr in From Here to Eternity... Sinatra and Montgomery Clift also in the 1953 classic - Matinee - $2 - LACMA

Farmer's Market today - Silver Lake - SEE: Food - blog/right

Exhibition: largest US collection of Eames Tour - 425 objects of the famous designer brothers - curator discussion/lecture - free

Double feature
Showing: Blow-Up and Zabriskie Point - if you've never seen Blow-Up it's scary stuff -not mummies coming for you/violent-scary, but made me think about it for weeks, then years... it freaked me, for implications... worth seeing, also shown next night with Passenger - at Cinefamily or SEE "Movie" blog/right

9 Wednesday
Southern California: expect three-minute alarm
Los Angeles will cinch up with state -early afternoon --across the US: test the alarm system -national tech check that authorities, President can reach Americans in an emergency

Sale: Pre-owned books for sale - offered by Friends of Edendale Library

The future of downtown Los Angeles -neighborhoods: Forum discussion - Open House - Mix & Mingle - Presentation - Panel discussion - downtown Los Angeles streetcar project - among the panelists: Linda Dishman of LA Conservancy
10 Thursday
Up close and personal: see Bill Maher live stand-up for an HBO taping Free - reserved seat at CBS

Small bites or full plate: Paella Project on the menu - veggie, sea soup - one night only - Atwater Village

Monthly evening LA Art Walk - downtown

11 Friday
After America was sucked into European war over nothing that mattered, millions of soldiers maimed, slaughtered, "Peace" treaty --to end World War I signed on eleventh day of eleventh month at 11 PM --but the world Must Never Forget: germans who signed the 'unhappy' truce retaliated twenty years later --wreaked revenge, grief, madness never before seen in history --mass murder on nations --those who defended them --on families, children --millions of unarmed civilians --stole property -art -business -money of those they murdered when they began the second War on the World... closed today: courts -commerce -government -banks -not Wall Street for US National Observation: Veteran's Day

Artists at the table event: Discussion of hunger awareness, participation with artists, food experts, leaders - included in two-week Food Drive - reserve early for limited space - seat RSVP

Truck --in the 'hood: making Cheesy Grilled sammiches --on Sunset x near Echo Park Blvd this evening

Glide into another era --in chemise -top hat & tails for drinks at the Biltmore Hotel - elegant fun prelude for the holidays - Cocktails in Historic Places with the Art Deco Society

12 Saturday
Lecture: "Bride-Cake and Apple Tarts: Cakes, Pies and Other Sweets in the Time of Jane Austen" - Culinary Historians of Southern California - downtown

Join skilled, unskilled: knit away two hours with Knitting Circle - Saturdays - Memorial library - map

Farmer's Market in Silver Lake today - SEE: Food -blog/right

No time for children --when adult Scrabble on - all afternoon - Los Feliz library

After writing Great American novel -your summer vacation tales -family history: learn book binding - Machine Project workshop - discount for all workshops: join

13 Sunday
White House
This year the Capitol Christmas tree is from California - see today before it travels to Washington DC - at the Autry Museum, with activities

Live concert - classical: Beethoven, Messiaen, Bartok - free, no reservation needed - Bing Theater - arrive before doors close 6 PM - LACMA

See film: Babette's Feast in bistro offering wine by the glass from hundreds of choices, tapas, bites & full plates - Vino cinema (--if you've haven't seen: film is on amazing/superb side)

14 Monday
Young Literati: Cocktails with Jonathan Letham, authors and artists event - Reserve

15 Tuesday
Children: make a leaf crown and library "thankful tree" for Thanksgiving project, with cookies - all ages - free - Silver Lake library

16 Wednesday
Brown-bag it to join lunch time drop-ins to knit and nosh - free - downtown Central library

17 Thursday
Architecture talk: "Hope Ranch: The Florestal Estate" by Marc Appelton - free - Los Feliz library

19 Saturday


Authors of new book discuss: Van Gogh: The Life - book-signing follows - LACMA

get ready register for Bird events --across US to help birds - Talk to family -neighbors -friends -PTA

Silver Lake daVine

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